6000 di how old is it?
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    Jan 2008
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    white's 6000 DI ser 3

    6000 di how old is it?

    Can anyone help me decode the ser. # and tell me the age of my machine the serial # is 351316. I'm guessing it's an '03 made the week of christmas if it's coded like the one posted earlier, is this true?
    I finally took the machine out of doors and actually hunted with it found 6 pennies,and a plastic tiped brass dart. I had to chip through the dirt with the claws of my rip hammer the outside temps. approx 15 deg. F. I was hunting a temporarily vacant home owned by my in-lawsthey are fixing the place up between renters(pigs). I went there to help them get it ready for new sheetrock. If this place becomes vacant during the warmer months I definitely would like to hunt there again the house was most likely built in the 1930's.I would like to see if I can locate where the old clothesline was! As a side note the groundskeeper for the neighboring towns schools came in to the lumberyard I work in I asked him if it was ok to metal detect he said he's seen others there, and he thought it would be o.k. to come over and hunt around.

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    Re: 6000 di how old is it?

    The 6000 Di Series 3 were made by White's from 1983 to 1985 when the 6000 Di PRO was released. They are still good machines as I still use the one that I purchased in the mid 80's. You can contact White's with the serial number and they can tell you the exact manufacture date.



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