Looking for someone to hunt with im a newbie
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Thread: Looking for someone to hunt with im a newbie

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    Mar 2017
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    Looking for someone to hunt with im a newbie

    Im in turtle lake area
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    Jun 2008
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I noticed this was your very first post Romantreasures - so, Welcome Aboard!
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    Jun 2008
    Lake Country WI.
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I am on the other side of the state I want to road trip over there but time is short.
    If I where you I would get some practice in and learn the machine you will be using.
    I would travel up and down the river and hunt anything old or the landings, camp sites etc. There is sure to be some one you will hook up with. I ran into my best hunting partner at work. He was into scuba diving and we just started chit chatting about treasure and shared ideas. Talk treasure with every one and some one with a machine in there closet will come out and play.

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    Jun 2009
    Central Wisconsin
    Whites XLT
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    Agreed Bumpstick,
    Have made a few friends by just being out detecting. One guy came up and asked how I was doing a few years back. Showed him a few wheats and a Indianhead. He went on to explain to me the years they were made and what was before and followed. Turned out he studied coins to help put himself through college and metal detected for enjoyment also. If I have any questions about any coins now he's just a phone call away. It's great that most like to join in and great hobby to enjoy with others.
    HH and Good Luck!
    PS. I'm in the southern part of the state but will keep in touch if can find time for a road trip!!

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    Aug 2005
    west central WI
    10 times
    from Hillsdale area.
    wish I could md more, very busy.
    researching human history on the barrens in northestern burnett county.
    Any ideas on a hunt?

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    Dec 2012
    whites mxt
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    hello , I have not tried around here , I always take big trips west , I have 80 acres in California , but I live in Wisconsin dells , when I use my detector its to find loud dirt that I will feed through my trommel or highbanker , I'm looking for placer gold though , not coins or relics , but I don't have anyone to play with either , sometimes I talk to the rocks , lol



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