Asking for a little advice
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    Jan 2009

    Asking for a little advice

    Iam a new member on this site and love the idea of going on a hunt. Ive picked out a specific location and the stashed loot could be in the river.The treasure would be gold coin.Ive been told that water will deflect the signals from a regular metal detector.OK,fine. But Iam wondering if a specific piece of equipment would be a better chioce.Say like a magnetometor,as it could be in a chest bound with iron. Or a electromagnetic pulse type instrument,as in looking for density What would you suggest? As Iam thinking of just floating down the river on a boat and scanning the area for an intitial survey.And at the same time just being real casual,so as to not draw too much attention.

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    Feb 2008
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    Re: Asking for a little advice

    I don't have an answer but whatever you would need would be able to detect deep. If it is a flowing river, and gold being in a chest, (MEANING HEAVY), the currents will probably have it sink down to 10 feet plus in the river bed, especially over a 100 years. Not to discourage you, but retrieving it may be a problem being buried that deep or more, unless it is a shallow very mildly flowing river.
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    Re: Asking for a little advice

    I would suggest doing as much research as possible on this.
    these kinds of recoveries can turn treacherous quickly.
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    Jan 2007
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    Re: Asking for a little advice

    Sounds like a job for a waterproof two box detector, if thier is such an animal.

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    Mar 2005

    Re: Asking for a little advice

    I know of a river not far from me that a cannon was drop by Butler's Raiders. I have been thinking along the same line as you.
    First thing is rivers move lot faster than most people think. Look at googly earth at any river and study where the river bends. Your target may be deep under dry land. Being that rivers move and change your target if under water could be siting right on the bottom this year and under 10 foot of muck next year.
    The cannon was seen under water in the 40's some guy swam down and stuck his hand in it. That same guy lead some treasure hunters in the 60's to where it was and they never found it.
    Detectors work fine underwater most have waterproof coils some are made for divers. I had ideas of putting a coil on a longer pole to drag behind a john boat, but never gave it a try.

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    Dec 2008

    Re: Asking for a little advice

    I love stories like this, we have a simalar story up here in canada, 80g(at the time) worth of gold nuggets at the bottom on a river, however this river is alot faster than alot of people think, deep, undercurrents, ect.
    Its not a bad idea with a longer pole, but to keep it steady enough, or to swing it with enough, good luck man. Just think of all the shawdy boats used back then and how many pouches of gold, coins, whatever just laying on the bottom. One of the previous posters mentions change in the rivers directions over time, lok at the lay of dry gravel, sand, exposed roots on trees. If somebody was able to swim and actully touch a cannon then it doesnt sound that fast, or that deep. try your idea with a longer pole, from the shore. ( of course I dont know how wide it is) Find a way to atatch a swivel tye wheel to a coil and sepending on your funds, maybe a water proof video camera. Chance are silt has covered it, but wouldnt that be something to see a canon on a tv screen?

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    Feb 2009
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    Re: Asking for a little advice

    I have no advice for you

    But HOW COOL!!

    To even think about what could be there and where it could be.

    best of luck. keep us posted.


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    Re: Asking for a little advice

    So much depends upon: How many gold coins, what size and type container they were in, how long ago, river conditions since then, depth /width of river, floods, speed of underwater currants, underwater visibility, type of river bottom; sandy, rocky ,hard pack, clay, mud, silty and so on. To decide what type of detector would be best to use.

    Do you know a general location or just have to search for miles? Do you have access to an underwater magnetometer, side scan sonar, underwater cameras etc. ? If not, but you have accurate intell on the amount of coins and location and are sure the treasure has not already been discovered and the value would exceed the cost of recovery. Then maybe you should bring in someone with experience and equipment that you could trust to help. Also once it is found do you have diving knowledge/equipment for the recovery?

    These questions are going to have to be answered to know how best to proceed.

    Just my 2 cents worth.....well maybe 3 cents.

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    Re: Asking for a little advice

    Just my two cents. If you can, locate the location 100 years ago and compare to today. Rivers have a way of moving over a 100 year period. Your spot may be on dry land at this time. Like the steam boats found a mile from the rivers, under twenty feet of dirt. Good luck.

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    Jan 2009
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    Re: Asking for a little advice

    If this container is wrapped in wire, you may consider a strong magnet on a rope to help locate it IF it is shallow slow moving river. I know that chances are slim, but I have retrived boat motors, guns, old musket etc. this way. It is also a cheap way to test the bottom of the river.
    I realize that it could be under several feet of silt, but I found a musket under about 18" of mud. Just a thought. HH



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