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Thread: prisoner of war camp

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    Sep 2007

    prisoner of war camp


    I have been thinking about getting a metal detector for a while now - i figured before i take the plunge it might be best to do a little home work on my local area to see if there are any good potential sites.

    So , i'm searching around the internet and i find there has been a German POW camp on the edge of town (i have lived here all my life and never herd about this ) there isn't to much information but there is pictures from a magazine that was issued to the prisoners in the camp.

    Here is a drawn pictures of the POW camp from the magazine:

    Armed with this image i hit google earth and am pretty sure if found the site - i know this spot but sadly it is now a caravan site & i cant imagine getting permission on there would be easy so i ruled that out. Not all hope is lost though, as there was a POW sports field as you can see from the google earth image below there is what looks like two possible locations for this sports field out side the caravan site.

    google earth image:

    Thanks for looking,

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    Jan 2006
    Washington state
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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    Very cool! Some neat possibilities there.

    There were POW camps here in the US, too. Hmmmm.


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    Oct 2007
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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    yes there are some Here one i know for a fact is located in crossville Tn i spent many weeks there in the summer it was turned into a summer camp for the 4-h club the have a small museum on site have always wanted to Md that site since becoming an adult and taking up the hobby.

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    Dec 2007
    San Antonio, TX
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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    At Papago Farms in AZ there was a POW camp where the German U-boat prisoners were held. I've been out there but not for any MD activities. It is part of an Indian Reservation so your chances out there are slim to none....more like none.

    Were there POW camps in the civil war?

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    Mar 2007
    3 times

    Re: prisoner of war camp

    Quote Originally Posted by TXBLUZMAN
    At Papago Farms in AZ there was a POW camp where the German U-boat prisoners were held. I've been out there but not for any MD activities. It is part of an Indian Reservation so your chances out there are slim to none....more like none.

    Were there POW camps in the civil war?
    Do a google for Fort Delaware. Also known as pea patch island.


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    Sep 2007
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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    During WW2 there were 350,000 German, 50,000 Italian, and 5000 Japanese POWs in camps across the USA.

    My mom met some at San Francisco's Treasure Island.

    These POWs were treated better than the current ones being held in Guantanamo and Iraq.
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    Jan 2008
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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    There was a POW camp north of Bastrop, La. during WWII. As to the quality of the camps, Do you think our captured Soldiers are kept in a Hyatt Regency? No pity or bleeding heart liberal here!!!
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    Feb 2008
    Bellaire Michigan
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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    There was one somewhere in southern Michigan anyone have any info on that? Added, my grandma who just turned 92 told me a story about having P.O.W's working the fields near her farm during ww2. One that was kind of funny was this guard was keeping watch over the prisoners he dozed off and one of the prisoners woke him up because he noticed his boss was coming down the road.

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    Oct 2007
    Eudora, Kansas
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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    POW camp? I knew several places in Kansas. Most of them were private property, own by the farmers. One of them in the city, I see that place is flat, right near by the park & softball field. I am thinking to go out there and see what is in the ground. When WW2 over, all German soldiers went home, then POW camp building torn down and filled up the dirt since.

    I remembered that my grandparent lived on the farm in the middle of Kansas and hired some German soldiers from the POW Camp to help the wheat harvest, pick up the hays, etc. My mom was a kid and help my grandma to the job site for lunch. My mom remembered that they spoke German lanuage and tried to speak with English. I wish to ask my grandparent about where is the German POW Camp at. I asked my mom and she didn't know. I asked her oldest brother - he didn't know where someone send the German POW from, they always to bring them to the farm in the morning till late in the afternoon, they bring them back to the POW camp.


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    Nov 2007
    Lycomming Co Pa
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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    how about the camps that housed the people who lived here when the wars broke out as there was thousands of Asian and german's who was detasined in camps here in the US even tho they was citizens the govt held them in camps because they was afraid of them being symphatetic to the enemy. many lost thier jobs homes and even families. it is a sad time in our history but those camps would be woth detecting even for the historical finds that might be there .

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    Jul 2006
    Anderson Twp.
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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    wikepedia search engine lists pow camps in America

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    Feb 2008
    North Pole, AK
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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    My Wife is from germany and her grandpa and great uncles used to tell her stories and also I hear stories from her grandma..

    There were also POW camps in florida .. which is where my wife's grandpa was held..

    They used to pick oranges on the huge groves for work and they would have to whistle all day so the guards could tell if they were eating any oranges.. if it got a little quiet then they knew someone was eating an orange..

    I was also told that most of the POW's at that camp like that camp better than they liked being forced to fight.. The family over there does nothing but tell of how well the POW's were treated.

    Its alot of interesting stories that I have heard over the last 10 years form her family and none have anything bad to say about their stay here in the US

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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    Several German POW camps in Canada, as well.

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    May 2007
    Richmond Texas
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    Re: prisoner of war camp

    Camp Swift, outside of Bastrop Texas was an old POW camp. Now, there is a State Park( no MDing) a Federal Prison and a National Guard training area on the old site.
    At least its an old pull tab!

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    Jun 2008
    ACE 250

    Re: prisoner of war camp

    These weren't really 'soldier' POW camps though, were they? Weren't they just for the people who lived in the US already and were of German, or Asian descent (sp)? Thought or afraid of them being sympathizers? (sp) as stated in an earlier post. Not to say there wouldn't interesting finds there. I just don't believe you'd find many military related items. I just can't see the US shipping POW's back to the US from overseas to imprison them back in the WWII days. Just my thoughts for what they are worth. Probably not much.

    Good luck and happy hunting!!


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