705 issue - broken or normal?
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    Jul 2019
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    705 issue - broken or normal?

    Recently got xterra 705, used it in wet grass and now suffer from what seems to be an issue.
    When the coil is shook, it will randomly "detect" items even if nothing is actually there. As a test took the coil and just shook it in the air and the system would make various noises as if something was detected.
    The manual said the coil is waterproof but the issue started after using it in wet grass. Before that it was fine.
    What do? Use warranty?


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    I do not own one but, would suggest a quick shout out to Minelab with your same info here. They may suggest sending it in for a look see.
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    Hi ridrupasti, welcome to TNet! A metal detector is a motion detector - if you wave it over your hand, for instance, it will make a tiny sound, because your hand conducts differently than the air. As soon as you stop moving it, it should stop making noise (same as if you are over metal in detect mode - not pinpoint - once you stop sweeping the coil over a target it should go quiet). Hope this helps and that there's not an issue with your detector...I have my first-generation X-Terra 50 from 15 years ago, it may need a tune-up, but I love that machine. Good luck, and Happy Hunting!



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