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Thread: 2008 EXPEDITION: YAMASH-I-T-A ( Japanese) TREASURE

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    May 2005


    you're right gboy...the last time that a japanese straggler found with a confirmed treasure location was during the 70's ...marcos time...
    in lubang island..obviously..marcos got the treasure.....this time....for sure it will be our little president...
    the prince of thieves, the jap bone collector kuno, and some treasure hunters nearby ...
    ..forget the Filipino people na ...which is entitled sana for a 75% share...hopefully a govt.property and location...

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    Jan 2005
    2 times


    well nugget you don't need to sell 1 ton nor millions of worth of gold bars. you can sell by grams, and btw if you will recover that much i think nobody is stupid to admit it, especially if your a filipino....... Gold recovers don't need to brag their gold....
    "TH Pinoy"

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    Charter Member
    MINELAB XS-2 Pro ....... XTERRA 305 ....... EXPLORER SE PRO

    Dec 2003
    S.W. Schuylkill County
    4607 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting


    Due to the fact, Not everyone here can speak Tagalog, You M U S T make your Posts
    In English.

    IF you feel you must communicate in another language, Do it Via Private Message or E-Mail to the Person it's intended



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    Jef of PI


    hey nugget... about the jap bone collector... i am interested about that... i twice encountered a jap bone collector... i was just wondering about these people wanting to get japanese bones... do you know for what reason is it bro? i dont think its quite logical to collect bones since thousands of corpses of ameericans, japanese, filipinos etc were scatered during the world war eh...

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    Jef of PI


    hey nugget, about the secret gold treaty.... i like that site bro, cool! ....but marcos is dead and whateveer his debt was, i dont care. As if like the site is suggesting that all the gold that are hidden in the PI are not worth findin because others(countries) are entitled to it, uhh well its not our fault that these treasure caame and was buried in our yards and lands and whatever i find part of these treasures it would be mine 100%. There's a computation there totalling to Billions of Dollars of DEBT left by Marcos but I think that is not true... where did Marcos spent all those MONIES? IMF, WB? Wow, I dont believe that story.

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    Baron Cross


    Hello Everyone!

    Ive been reading all this post and very exciting to hear all this gold buried everywhere in the Philippines.
    I too have a few possible spot to locate the treasure, but I need to find the best metal Detector that detects
    really deep and which one do you guys opinion or facts is the best. Ive been searching the internet couldn't really
    tell which devise would work the best between different technologies like (Subsurface Interface Radar,
    Earth Resistivity Imaging , Ground Penetrating Radar ,Magnetometers ,Fluxgate Sensors ,Pulse induction ,Laserscan,
    Bore-hole detectors , Atomic Dielectric Resonance mapping and Underground Surveyor Apparatus
    from www.accuratelocators.com and also the German company www.accuratelocators.de are these two
    companies related in any way? is it the same technology also? if not which company sells a better product? And
    also of all this technology which one the best for looking buried cache? THX.......Baron Cross

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    Nov 2004


    We have used accuratelocators Underground Surveyor Apparatus. I wonder why they changed that from last years name "GEMS (Geophysical Electromagnetic Surveyor)?"

    After calling our friend in the U.S. to research on this equipment he then told us it is built based on the Fluxgate. I really don't know. But one thing that bothers me is that everytime we scan we have to ground balance it. We also have used GEM-300 of Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. which is Electromagnetic in method we dont have to ground balance it.

    Yes this kind of equipment [GEM-300] is a metal profiler and is suited for treasure hunting. But very expensive and shallow in depth penetration which is only 20 feet max. The other one is GEM-3 made by Geophex is much deeper and can penetrate up to 160feet. The price is US$25,000+.

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    Jul 2004


    To: Treas Hunters,

    All treasure or geophysical instruments are usefull....only if you know how to use it or its capabilities /limitation, and depending also to your type of treasure sites.
    1) Buried treasure - shallow(GPR,Pulse,magnetometer), deep (ERI,GPR)
    2) Treasure inside/underneath boulder/concrete - GPR,Pulse, Magnetometer
    3) Treasure inside waterfalls/caves/granite or marble walls - GPR
    4) Concrete vault/tomb/statue/inside trunk of tree- GPR,Pulse
    5) Buried treasure undwerneath concrete flooring of church/school - GPR,Pulse

    ERI- sting/swift mutielectrodes probes --- you need soil to insert probes, not applicable to concrete or boulder treasure sites. can detect deep sites.
    GPR - surface scanning for soil or concrete scan, real time screen shots feed,can detect 60 feet.
    Pulse - for shallow surface detection, best to be used for covert or secret treasure hunting operation bcoz of its portability, can be consealed easily.
    Magnetometer - surface scanning of shallow sites, good for locating buried trucks/battletank/airplane.
    Borehole detector - we prefer bore hole cameras, to see inside treasure chamber after digging small bore hole.

    The other treasure equipment...are expensive and not worth to invest in treasure hunting operation bcoz of poor performance.

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    May 2005


    jeff of pi
    you know what, if ever i see a japanese and american in a remote area here in p.i., i would suspect that they are here treasure hunting...
    like this jap bone collector...it is his front....you know the reason behind...to operate undercover......1986 was the last year that the International
    Court of Justice (World Court) lifted the 40 year moratorium regarding the WW2 japanese loot, which says that war loot found in any country
    proven belong to a looted nation must be returned to the rightful owner.....that My friend ended 1986(from 1945),,,the downfall of marcos also(edsa revolution),,,why?because marcos is too greedy about this gold and america wants a much bigger share for his cache of gold(the trilateral letter)...which
    marcos didnt sign....if he signed during 1986 edsa revolution...he could still be our president....if he's still alive....hehe....somebody in the internet
    also said...that edsa revolution is an american triggered revolution...the punch line is ...the Trilateral Commission's Communique to President Marcos...

    as of this moment external Philippine debt 60.3B USD....

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    May 2005


    Is there somebody rich enough here in this forum to build a company, Philippine base, that leases a treasure hunting equipment....
    the latest and the powerful detectors?....geee....this are all our problem...this equipment are too expensive....i have a prospective
    site to dig also...but its only base from a"reliable source",,,maybe,,,,that is why i want to confirm with this gpr....the problem with us
    juan dela cruz'es are capability to have this equipment.....to the united treasure hunters here in the philippines looking for the fabled
    yamashitas treasure.... i think this should be the first objective...build a company that rent/lease/sale (hulugan)cache seeking equipment...
    so that all of us here can proceed with our projects.....and everybody happy....mga kabayan...lets help one another...

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    May 2005


    TO Baron Cross;
    Ive been searching and browsing also for the best equipment...and this 2 i prefer...

    plus the antenna ...this is a gpr...and

    this works in the principle of earths magnetic anomaly interpretation...

    kaya lang ....very expensive nasa taas, worth Million pesos....the second one worth 640k pesos...i cant afford it man.....
    if ever your bought some...and if ever you hit one....can u lend your equipment to us,,,a sort
    of barrow lang...hehehe......
    ? ?
    ? ? ?

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    Baron Cross


    to ssrjunkie

    Thx for the info and if i may ask did the (Underground Surveyor Apparatus) work and found anything if it did how deep?And how much is the Gem 300 and does it work better than the (U S Apparatus) ? THX Baron Cross

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    Baron Cross


    To gboy

    Thank you for giving us THers a very usefull information about different uses for each kind of technology.It would be very helpful to my final selecting of which one to buy. Thx Baron Cross

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    Baron Cross


    To nugget

    Thx for your opinion of which machines i could get.Those machines looks real good to me hehe i wish i can afford to buy them both. You posted earlier that you wish somebody would rent out gold detectors, I heard of somebody in Davao City that is renting out his scanner with an operator for 5,000 pesos for i minute (yes for one minute) thats equivalent to $95 US dollars a minute ouch! Hehe if i ever find a big enough treasure ill give you my machine and ill buy me a new one LOL. Baron Cross

  16. #195
    Baron Cross


    Hey Guys

    Any of you knows how to get a TREASURE HUNTING LICENCE in the Philippines and whats the requirements.And hows the split if you take your new found treasure to Banko Central for paper exchange and whats the tax rate if any? THX Baron Cross

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    May 2005


    baron cross...
    you're a good citizen man...despite the rampant corruption in our govt...you still want to secure a permit in treasure hunting...that could endanger your life....anyway heres some guidelines and laws...theres an statistics that says...a lot of hunting permit was issued during ramos and cory's time, but nobody reported any finds..you know why...my opinion is...they split it with themselves of course...nobody sees anyway....

    PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. 1726-A (government property)
    October 1, 1980
    says that all treasure hunting permit must be secured from the Office of the Philippine President,,,(for obvious reason...marcos is monitoring during his time....) the split is 25% to you and 75% to him..i mean the govt....all mobilization expenses sa yo rin...

    REPUBLIC ACT NO. 386 Civil Code (private property)
    June 18, 1949
    Art. 438. Hidden treasure belongs to the owner of the land, building, or other property on which it is found.
    make a contract to excavate man para di ka trespasser coz if you are...wala ka makukuhang share..

    piece of advice....dont let anybody know that youre excavating....if you can do the job alone, do it....or choose a trusted family member/friend......GREED is motivated by a sparkling gold.......

    going to rental of gpr....ill just wait for the time you make a big hit man....i can have your machine by then..LOL...

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    Jul 2004


    To: Baron Cross,

    If your budget is small my recommendation would be:
    1) Pulse Star 2 ($3T) - good detector instrument for at least 20 feet deep, conrete vault or tomb,statue,trunk of tree.
    2) PMR 2 ($1.2T) - a good back up locator instrument.

    If you have a huge budget:
    1) GPR($10T-20T) - range 60 feet deep, good for "surface" scanning with real time video feed.
    2) ERI ($50T) - good for deep scanning and mapping of underground subterrain (voids,tunnel,cave,etc)

    If you want to be 100% sure of your buried site, you need to drill and insert video inspection system (borehole camera) :
    1) Portable water drill ($5T-15T) - up to 200 feet deep , diameter 4 - 6 inches.
    2) Borehole video inspection system ($1T +) - insert video and see your treasure first before digging....

    These are the dream equipments for treasure hunting.....however, sometimes you don't need this kind of equipment to recover treasure....ask some Dumagat natives....they accidentally stumble open big volume treasure caves...thats we call LUCK....

  19. #198
    Baron Cross


    To Nugget

    LOL I was just making sure that if we find buried treasure that it wont be confiscated by the government by not having a treasure hunter permit.So your saying that I don't need the permit if I have a contract with the LANDOWNER to excavate the property for WWII cache? And do you know What percentage does Central Bank of Philippines keeps for Exchanging Gold for Cash? THX Baron Cross

  20. #199
    Baron Cross


    To Gboy

    If you have the budget to buy this Equipments which GPR,ERI,Portable water drill and Borehole video inspection system would you buy and from what company and why that specific model ? THX Baron Cross

  21. #200

    May 2005


    To baron cross,,,

    oh...i forgot to mention that if the govt knew that you find something (with of without permit in public/govt property), your cache will be considered gone....it looks like you dont know how business in govt happens here....with of without permit its the same.....Just my personal opinion...
    in a private property...not govt permit is needed...coz its private man....it will only need a contract between you and the legal owner of the property...well on percentage of c.b...dont know man....i dont have a transaction yet with c.b....and i dont want to have....i would have rather sell my cache in portions,,,,sell it to ding velayo jewelry......again ....this are my personal opinion......you have every right to your decision man....God bless...

    did you check the pulse star 2 the gboy suggested?....its a little affordable, i checked the kellycodector site...its only 104k in pesos....maybe ill buy one..


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