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Thread: Getting Close

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    Cool Getting Close

    On 1 of my spots, getting close to the end. Background, had a ocean side marker pointing towards shore. Found very large shell approx 80 ft inland when constructing a house. Had 2 Japanese nationals want to buy the property at 6x the value, said no.

    Also had people working with JICA approach us stating we had something valuable under the house that they detected by satellite. They wanted a 80 20 split, again we said no. Upon digging, we had various electronics detect multiple containers. Location is where Japanese used for the navy during the war.

    At 10 ft found upside down shell only turtle. Of course the meaning is treasure underwater and or water trap. At 14 ft, we hit the water line at high tide. Also at that level found both grey mud and pieces of charcoal. At about 16 ft, and stopped for now as I have to build a hooka dive setup, and find a underwater jackhammer that isnít Chinese made. Itíll be a month while I save the money to purchase one from the US.

    There have of course been people willing to finance, but they want double digit percentages for investments of less than 1k US dollars. I guess locals donít mind agreeing to something like that, but to me itís giving it away and I wonít do it.

    On the other project I have, we have hit what appears to be a cavern, and it had a very foul smell. Opened the initial hole into it to air it out. Without going into the cavern, we can see what appears to be some tunnel supports. Excited to see whatís found there, but will do it with an air supply

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    Same ol' same ol'.
    What happened to the last 85' hole you dug?
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    I believe it, therefore it is true.

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    Its been 9 months and nothing ....U mean 60' underwater .....he better off digging 12 holes 7 feet deep next time and that be a foot less ...No one in 1944 or 1945 dug underwater to hide treasure ....I show You bomb shelters above the water line which stick out of the ground 10 feet built by the japanese during the war to protect there pilots .....So think more and dig less your treasure might be 4 to 7 feet deep only ...



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