Soldiering in the West
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An afternoon of croquet. Ladies, gentlemen, and children on the lawn at Fort Bridger, Wyo. Terr., ca. 1873. Officers' quarters at left, hospital and men's barracks to the right in background.


"Brig. Gen. Frank Wheaton, U.S. Army [standing center with white plume in hat], with officers and members of their families, Fort Walla Walla, Wash. Terr., 1874."


A panoramic view of the camp at Hidden Wood Creek. By Illingworth, 1874, during Custer's Black Hills expedition.


"Our First Grizzly, killed by Gen. Custer and Col. Ludlow." By lllingworth, 1874, during Black Hills expedition.


Hunting and camping party of Custer (standing in center) and invited guests. Fort A. Lincoln on the Little Heart River, Dak. Terr., 1875.


Valentine T. McGillycuddy, surgeon and topographer on hunger march with General Crook's expedition to the Black Hills, Dak. Terr., 1876.


"Gen. Crook's headquarters in the field at Whitewood [Dak. Terr.]. On starvation march 1876." Closeup of a camp scene shows tents improvised from wagon frames during the Black Hills expedition.


"Scene of Gen. Custer's last stand, looking in the direction of the ford and the Indian village." A pile of bones on the Little Big Horn battlefield is all that remains, ca. 1877.


General view of the corral and surrounding area at Camp Apache, Ariz. Terr., 1877.


"Officers quarters at Ft. Rawlins, Wyoming, May 7, 1877." Two men and a woman holding a baby sit in front of the crude structure.


"Execution of a soldier of the 8th Infantry at Prescott, Arizona, 1877."


"Heliographic station #3 Bowie District system [Ariz. Terr.] ... Used exclusively in the Apache Indian War." ca. 1885.


Sixth Cavalry training horses at Ft. Bayard, N. M., ca. 1885.


"Junction of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers near Ft. Snelling, Minnesota. Headquarters of the 25th Infantry, ca. 1886." Romantic view showing young woman looking wistfully at the fort across the river.


Troop`C,' 5th Cavalry, which arrested boomers and squatters prior to opening of Oklahoma, ca. 1888.


Crude building under construction at Fort Keogh, Mont., ca. 1889.


"Skating party, Ft. Keogh, Mont., about 1890."


Officers in tent by fire during the Pine Ridge campaign, 1890--91.


"Return of Casey's scouts from the fight at Wounded Knee, 1890--91." Soldiers on horseback plod through the snow.


"Brig. Gen. Nelson A. Miles and Buffalo Bill viewing hostile Indian camp near Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota." By Grabill, January 16, 1891.


"The Good Old Days-canteen at Ft. Keogh, Mont., 1890-94


"German Singing Society, 22nd Infantry, Ft. Keogh, May 13, 1894."


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