Towns out of Dust and Rock
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"East Side of Plaza, Santa Fe, N. M." 1866.


View of Virginia City, Nev., from a nearby hillside, 1867--68. By O'Sullivan.


"Street view in Corinne, Boxelder Co., Utah." Close-up view of several shops. By Jackson, 1869.


"Cheyenne, Wyo., 1876." General view of this town on the Oregon Trail.


"Deadwood in 1876." General view of the Dakota Territory gold rush town from a hillside above. By S. J. Morrow.


"Gayville in Deadwood Gulch, Black Hills [Dak. Terr.], 1876." Log cabins under construction at the foot of a hillside.


"Gardiner Park Co., Montana, Looking North East, 1887." A onesided street backed up to rocky foothills.


Oklahoma City, lnd. Terr., in 1889 showing U.S. Government dwellings, water tank, railroad station, hotel, post office and store, stage stables, tents of 13th Infantry detachment guarding lumber and an uncompleted cemetery.


"Birds Eye View of Winslow, looking East." Atlantic and Pacific Railway cars on converging tracks in the foreground of the arid Arizona terrain, ca. 1890.


"Harrison Ave Guthrie [OkIa. Terr.] looking east from 1st St., May, (18)'93."


"General view of North West Round Pond from Court House Square." Panoramic view of Oklahoma Territory flatlands. By Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kennett, January 1894.


"Sand storm that passed over Midland, Texas, February 20, 1894 at 6:00 p.m." Windmills and houses visible just below the whirling sand.


"Nogales, Santa Cruz Co. Showing boundary line between Arizona and Mexico." General view of center of town from hillside, looking west along International Street, ca. 189~99. By W I Neumann.


Flagstaff, Ariz. Terr. Street view of post office, other buildings, and people, with mountains in background, ca. 1899. By G. Ben Wittick


"City of Imperial, from ice plant water tank, July 9, 1904." Panoramic view.


"Cleveland. The City of Oil Derricks." Panoramic view of an Oklahoma Territory town a year after the discovery of oil there. By Dick Man, 1905.


Tent town in a mountain valley in Idaho. By Burt L. Wheeler November 1909.


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