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"Press representatives accompanying excursion party to a point on 100th meridian--275 miles west of Omaha, Nebraska [Terr.]." By John Crbutt for the Union Pacific Railroad, October 24, 1866.


Directors of the Union Pacific Railroad on the 100th meridian approximately 250 miles west of Omaha, Nebr. Terr. The train in background awaits the party of Eastern capitalists, newspapermen, and other prominent figures invited by the railroad executives. By John Carbutt, October 1866.


Covered wagon withjackrabbit mules encounters an automobile on the trail near Big Springs, Nebr. By A. L. Westgard, 1912.


"Indian Day parade, Omaha, Neb., Aug. 4, 1898."


"The Covered Wagon of the Great Western Migration. 1886 in Loup Valley, Nebr." A family poses with the wagon in which they live and travel daily during their pursuit of a homestead.


"Parade of U.S. Infantry through Kearney, Nebraska, 1888."


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