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Timothy O'Sullivan's ambulance wagon and portable darkroom used during the King Survey rolls across the sand dunes of Carson Desert, Nev. By O'Sullivan, 1867.


"End of the Track. Near Humboldt River Canyon, Nevada." Campsite and train of the Central Pacific Railroad at foot of mountains, 1868. By Alfred A. Hart.


Goldhill, Nev. General view of the town and mines. By O'Sullivan, 1867--68.


Orena, Nev., Montezuma silver smelting works. Ox teams and men at rest. By O'Sullivan, 1867.


Miner working inside the Comstock Mine, Virginia City, Nev. Taken by O'Sullivan using the glare of burning magnesium for a flash of light, 1867--68.


Cars coming out of shaft, Comstock Mine, Virginia City, Nev. By O'Sullivan, 1867-68.


View of Virginia City, Nev., from a nearby hillside, 1867--68. By O'Sullivan.


"Saloons and disreputable places of Hazen [Nev.] June 24, 1905." By Lubkin.


"Col. Roosevelt, Reno, Nev." Campaigning from an open touring car decorated with American flags, ca. 1910. Theodore Roosevelt is No. 3; his chauffeur is at the crank.


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