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Confederate "Quaker" guns-logs mounted to deceive Union forces-in the fortifications at Centreville, Va., March 1862. Photographed by George N. Barnard and James F. Gibson.


The 13-inch mortar "Dictator" mounted on a railroad flatcar before Petersburg, Va., October1864. Photographed by David Knox.


Columbiad guns of the Confederate water battery at Warrington, Fla. (entrance to Pensacola Bay), February 1861. Photographed by W. 0. Edwards or J. D. Edwards of New Orleans, La.


A 200-pound Parrott rifle in Fort Gregg on Morris Island, S.C., 1865. Photographed by Samuel A. Cooley.


Confederate torpedoes, shot, and shells in front of the arsenal, Charleston, S.C., 1865. Photographed by Selmar Rush Seibert.


A 15-inch Rodman gun in Battery Rodgers, Alexandria, Va.


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