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Excavating for a "Y" at Devereux Station on the orange and Alexandria Railroad. Brig. Gen. Hermann Haupt, Chief of Construction and Transportation, U.S. Military Railroads, is standing on the bank supervising the work. The "General Haupt," the engine pulling the train in the photograph, was named in Haupt's honor. Photographed by Capt. Andrew J. Russell.


Station at Hanover Junction, Pa., showing an engine and cars. In November 1863 Lincoln had to change trains at this point to dedicate the Gettysburg Battlefield.


U.S. Military Railroads engine "General Haupt," built in 1863.


Ruins of the Confederate enginehouse at Atlanta, Ga., September 1864, showing the engines "Telegraph" and "O.A. Bull."


Ruins of Hood's 28-car ammunition train and the Schofield Rolling Mill, near Atlanta, Ga., September 1864. Photographed by George N. Barnard.


Depot of the U.S. Military Railroads, City Point, Va., 1864, showing the engine "President."


U.S. Military Railroads engine No.137, built in l864 in the yards at Chattanooga, Tenn., with troops lined up in the background.


The engine "Firefly" on a trestle of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad.


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