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  • Hey Jaime, just wanted to touch base with you. I still owe you some Indian sites to dig. Give me a shout when you get a chance.
    Hello 1320, I saw one of your posts in an old thread under the Ky forum. I live in Elliott County and I have good friend who lives in Bath County. We have always been interestedin the Olympia Springs but never knew who owned it to gain permission to detect or just look around. I don't want to step on your hunting grounds, but thought id write in case you ever wanted some partners to detect with, if the owners would allow you to do so. We have several sites here in Elliott we have detected as well as some we have not hit yet that you are welcome to join us in. Thanks and have a great weekend! God bless.
    send me your e-mail. i have a rock carving map with the mine location and where 2 main rockhouses are, plus a stash that may still be there. i can't find a way to send map or photos in
    p message. ed
    1320, I don't understand why you were so negative with Gatorboy? I understand anger when people desecrate burial sites or historic sites, but most of us just walk fields that have been worked for ag. the artifacts we find & bring home are being saved from machinery. Is that so bad? We don't make money from our finds. Please help me to understand what was in play to anger you so.
    I was born and raised in Winchester, now live in Waddy, Ky. Maybe we can detect together sometime?
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