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  1. MOST dangerous Situations you have been in while Detecting

    I’m a dog person too. The combination of being unexpected and the breed added a bit of pucker factor.
  2. MOST dangerous Situations you have been in while Detecting

    I found what I thought was a vacant church property. I got my gear and walked towards the back of the church and stopped to noise cancel and ground balance. I heard something from over by the church. There was a basement entrance and a stairwell there. At the top of the stairwell was the biggest...
  3. ✅ SOLVED Cufflink?

    Found yesterday at an old schoolhouse.
  4. 5.56 de Mayo

    My daughters, younger brother and I on Cinco de Mayo. Brother came all the way from Kommiefornia to shoot and try out a new detector he recently got. A great time had by all 👍
  5. Lets see your old lead seals, RR or other!

    M younger brother flew out from CA to visit me and try out his new ML Vanquish. His 1st trip out he found this 1892 dated Pa RR bale seal.
  6. Fish pics ( everybody )

  7. coin and jewelry inspection

    If you have an smart phone some of the magnifying apps work pretty well. I have an iPhone and I use this app > Magnifier App. I like that it allows you to freeze the image, look at a negative image, and adjust contrast. All of the attached images were captured from this app. h/h
  8. if you believe in ghosts

    I was working at an old dental office in Parkersburg, WV disconnecting some equipment. I had my headphones on while I worked. I was the only one in the building, having had let myself in with the key the customer gave me. As I was knelt down disconnecting some plumbing at the floor I saw someone...
  9. Is metal detecting worth it?

    I get my enjoyment just from hearing my wife ask if I found the “retirement hole” after every hunt.
  10. Yard finds

    Backyard finds. Sad that the badge has holes drilled in it, but a cool find regardless. The button is the 2nd pre-civil war plain button I’ve dug out of the yard. Dorothy was right, there’s no place like home..
  11. Pot Head Detectorist

    I haven’t toked any in years. “I just can not see putting a law on something that grows natural.” - this reminds me of an old bumper sticker that I recall seeing - “Man makes alcohol, God makes weed. Who do you trust?“ Food for thought lol
  12. -The Minelab Detector Club- Show Off Your Finds Here !

    Still new with my 600, but have found a couple cool things. Still looking to dig some silver though. IHP, RR switchlock key, pre-civil war flat button, WWI Army button, Pre-1900 broadhead axe head
  13. Coming to a town near you!

    Honk and wave on your way through W.PA. Safe travels!
  14. Things I Miss The Most.

    Last one on 2/12/14. Quit once for 5 years, but my wife was still a heavy smoker. Started smoking again because it was putting a strain on the marriage. I’d tell people when they mentioned me smoking again “it was cheaper than a divorce”. 3 years after that I was diagnosed with bladder cancer...