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  • Muchas gracias amigo - I enjoy yours too! Thank you for the very kind words, I hope you have a great evening;
    your friend,
    Roy ~ Oroblanco
    Hello my friend, where are you living now? I'm thinking of february or march on taking One out. You can join us. My partners are all good people, they are working lawenforcement or are retired.we won't have to hike for this one.and the dig down is about six feet.
    Yes my friend, I retired and my wife wife wanted to move back to her homeland.I'm from los angeles California. I have relatives and few friends.I don't want anything but help .if you volanteer to take a rope or something we need its up to you. I don't have to go searching anymore but you have to believe and help. You show a lot of interest which is good.this is not a hoax.

    Where do u think it is. I think it's on top of Bluff Spring Mt. north end.
    Coffee Flat Mountain, Waltz was seen going up there and the doodle can be seen from there but backward. doodle.jpg
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