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  • Hi Jesse,

    If you were working a creek or stream in an area that has had salmon
    spawning, I would want to get far upstream of any area where spawning
    activity occurred. Those redds are hatching out now, and for the next
    couple months. Generally it's about 80-90 days after the eggs are laid
    that the new smolt emerges.

    Tailing piles from sluices actually make great spawning beds, but for now
    ya gotta be cautious where you cross the creek at, and rockier areas are
    safer than the sandier, more open areas as that's where the redds are.

    Wild, winter run steelhead are also spawning right now, and if it's a
    creek they spawn in, they often get way the hell up before finding
    just the right spot.

    If you spot is in the middle of "redd country", biggest concern would
    be making sure the tailing pile wasn't dropping right on the redds.

    Local creeks and rivers are really cooking right now, and hopefully
    dropping a whole pile of new flood gold for us to go get...:occasion14:
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