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  1. Duckys Thread - Georgia Panning and Prospecting.

    I haven’t heard (seen) your awesome voice in forever, well done Ducky!!
  2. Pot Head Detectorist

    Hey Dizzy! Look at that purple popping! Nice job!
  3. Pot Head Detectorist

    Dosidos from Archive in Portland. Great indica, fun to grow, smells great and pretty darn strong!

    Both gold rush are coming back. October I think.
  5. Kevin in Colorado...and elsewhere

    Hey Duckwalk:). Howdy Kevin! Hope y’all are both well[emoji4]
  6. Washington Beach Mining

    Sounds great. And I love to bake:).
  7. Washington Beach Mining

    AimsmMissSm, I think I recognize that setup:). Headed out to the cape, weather pending, April 22-24. You got any trips planned?
  8. Kevin in Colorado...and elsewhere

    That’s some fine stuff Kevin!
  9. Show off yer sluice

    @oldrustystuff that’s an awesome sluice! Have a blast!
  10. 425Jesse-getting ahold of that flour gold!

    Thanks Kevin! He is probably the happiest little dude ever:). Cheers all!
  11. 425Jesse-getting ahold of that flour gold!

    Considering Selling my 4" Dahlke. Anyone in the market for an awesome compact dredge? New baby is going to make dredging hard for the foreseeable future:) Cheers all.
  12. Pot Head Detectorist

    Keep up the stories Oddjob, and I’ll keep reading. It’s funny how much people’s fear makes them resent what they don’t know or aren’t willing to know more about. I smoke pot, and I mine for gold, if you don’t like it, then you won’t like me, I could t care less. Both are legal in Washington, and...
  13. The Dakota Boys are back on GoldRush

    Really enjoy watching this show!
  14. The Dakota Boys are back on GoldRush

    Anyone notice the whole season has been available on demand? I watched episodes 1-4 so far, and there is 4 more to go. Lol, I wonder why.

    Bars not real, contest to land rings on horns lame, hope the next 10 minutes give us some some reasons to watch the new season!!