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  • Here is the link and story behind the ring. Did you check your plug today?
    I found the person who dug the plug and he is obviously kicking himself.

    The Tri County Metal Detecting Club meets on Tuesday at 6pm at the SCOPE building in Cortland if you are
    interested. There are close to 90 members of all degrees of skill.

    I use an AT Pro and have the stock coil, a 6 x 8 coil for trashy areas and now the 15" nel coil for deeper depth.
    The ring was found with the 6x8 in front of the big pavilion.

    Funny thing about metal detecting is that even if several people have been over an area
    there is still things in the ground.

    If you want to attend the meeting give be a call at 330-565-5849 or email me at bigtommy99@hotmail.com

    I haven't been out yet, ground is too hard for my elbows and knees! It won't be long now. I hope to better last year's finds of 3 gold rings in the parks! One had 14 diamonds and found it in Buhl Park.

    I bought a 15" NEL coil to try to get a couple more inches in depth. It is very heavy so I will use one of the shoulder harnesses to try to lighten the weight.

    Have you been out?
    well ladies and gentlemen its march now, waiting for the weather to break away from this verrrrrrrrry long winter aweful. yes its time to start the searching again. Lets talk about potential locations in the mercer conty, pa area new or old you never can say you covered everthing. ok friends lets go
    I use an AT Pro, have found no reason to switch. I was out to Roosevelt Park in Campbell today in a rather dismal hunt. 99 cents in clad and an old chrome axle hub. I must of dug up 25 cans!

    I could not walk 5 feet without hitting a trashy signal. Kept opening holes but no surprises.
    many stories of many finds, you can learn a lot about our American history when your metal detecting great hobby time consuming but rewarding in more ways then one
    John Dillinger was a frequent visitor at The Green Parrott Inn in Masury, Ohio in 1930's. Check out the true story inthe Sharon Herald Archives, fast cars, gambling, robbing etc true history
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