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  1. Civil war what a travesty and needless deaths

    Appreciate all your comments really important your great grandparents lived a hard life and sacrifice they made should be told. Thankyou this is history nothing political your stories are very real and we should want to no, thanks
  2. Civil war what a travesty and needless deaths

    Yep, the totality of it all, didnt have much chance then. Eyes missing, arms, legs. Waste of life
  3. Civil war what a travesty and needless deaths

    Folks it’s not a lesson learned, heck it’s rarely discussed and young people should never forget, heck how can they forget when they have no idea, truth be told, the stinking think tanks should be ashamed this isn’t mandatory why because it’s our distant relatives dead bones scattered and never...
  4. Any news on the notka makro legend

    All quite on the home front, well as long as they get the kinks out and no more premature nonsense marketing. im not going to degrade machines, I want everyone to be able to afford and enjoy the hobby, one day it will be difficult to find silver, nobody filling the ground up, this hobby might...
  5. Jamie At Minelab Leaves Minelab

    Did you see that oh my
  6. Is there a proper way to give feedback on new equipment

    Nothing new, this isn’t the auto industry, what there’s maybe 4 major metal detecting companies maybe more. Point is I like electronics, devices etc. I only have 2 machines. The talk of the town is xp deus 2, great for all that can afford and I hope you learn it or you will have it on eBay...
  7. 2022 welcome the old into the new

    Unfortunately I could offer words of encouragement like we do every year, but I tend to be more truthful and realistic. Being suicidal rates are up, depression, opioid use, divorce rate, ok I will stop, but we must stop using feel good words that last 10 minutes, why it’s almost pathetic, it’s...
  8. My Silver for 2021. Not A Lot, but Still a Good Year!

    Good job, it only gets tougher because nobody replenished the ground with silver, so what we do terry
  9. Another Christmas over

    Like I said and will until theend of time, REMEMBER WHEN A HANDSHAKE AND HUG MEANT SOMETHING, a sitdown and simply talking like human beings. Yeah simple needs a come back,
  10. This metal detecting thing is so addictive I’m going running out of ground

    Well permission present the unknown, it don’t matter how you dress or present yourself, people don’t understand the true detectorist, a shovel looks intimidatin. All we want to do is show people what’s in there ground, I like finding old relics, tractor parts, horse and buggy items, and even...
  11. This metal detecting thing is so addictive I’m going running out of ground

    By land and by water, and woods. Did anyone ever go to there lake when the water is way low, you see tree trunks, big rock, maybe foundation. Yeah the land wasnt always manmade lakes etc. so some areas created dams to prevent flooding which covered up all old house or early settlers homesteads...
  12. Another Christmas over

    Yeah but gift giving got out of hand, you give bread, or wine, or like Jesus days. Christmas is for retail stores, they simply can’t stay open without it, heck stores close down anyway. Dont you notice the calendar is full of a day for this and that, to purchase stuff. I’m going create a day to,
  13. This metal detecting thing is so addictive I’m going running out of ground

    You see your right you go off the grid you don’t find aluminum, pull tabs, maybe iron or lead, but it’s hard to get permission, why some dam grandma clampet come out with shotgun or call fuzz terrible what to do
  14. Confederate civil war gold series

    So how many gold coins returned any record of it, nobody can afford now so what’s the next precious metal they want back
  15. Confederate civil war gold series

    Yeah more potential then this gilligan island, oh gold coins gee why would you give back to government cause they lock you up. Another example of corr and we do nothing