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  • hi anita..thanks for some other gal support.. ;) im glad i found this much good said you were from nh? near keene? my boyfriend lives in winchendon and i spend quite a bit of time down would be fun to get together and chat..maybe one day while he is at work ill take his mxt pro out for a swing..we have had a ton of luck in winchendon.. templeton.. royalston area ..lots of woods and lots of stone walls to follow.old colonial massachusettes makes me very happy. how is the keene area?...
    Hello anita. Yes it is route 31. I actually live on 31 3/4 of a mile from center of town. MDing is definitly not allowed at the state park! A couple months back I figured I would try the beach over there. Got about 5 swings before I saw 2 rangers running toward me. They were very nice about it but let me know they would not be nice if there was a next time. Ive mostly been hunting the class A roads. Really ive been ''exploring'' where all the cellar holes are. Found around 20 of them. Im planning on upgrading to the AT pro in the spring and thats when i'll start working them. I have found some pretty nice coins though right in the roads. I've had a fun summer and fall. Where do you and your husband like to hunt?
    your not far from me at all. i live in greenfield. kinda between milford and peterboro.
    Hi Anita, always glad when another woman is added to Tnet. sometimes it's such a guy thing here. but the are always (well mostly) respectful & always fun. my Dad was a marine as were most of the men in my family. I was born in Camp Pendleton.Your son is a marine? They are a special breed of people! hope you have great luck finding treasures. please share pics & stories with us. mamabear
    Hello Anita
    nope that was not me unless I detected a beach from California to Hampton Beach sleep walking
    but this does happen to me all the time because I have a identical twin but he was camping in Coloma Ca. this week, who knows maybe I have a triplet that I don't know about :laughing7: thanks for the PM
    HH Dale
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