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  1. Unidentifiable Copper & Crisp IHP

    Definitely a large cent. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Lib Cap. It could certainly just be the way it wore but it sure looks like the outline of the Lib Cap variety..
  2. I'm stumped! ID help

    My first thought was a decorative pipe bowl and a real beauty. But I’m no expert. It’s a beautiful piece and I’d be psyched to dig it. What part of Maine are you in?
  3. A LARGE Copper...Another First for Me!!

    Killer coin bud! I have a 1734 10 Reis that’s 31mm. They’re an impressive looking copper.
  4. Scored a pewter spoon.

    That’s a really nice relic EB! I have a lot of early pewter spoons but none have any design. Just the rat tails and dog nosed type. Well done
  5. YIKES!!! And other things

    That bullhead is a great early silver that I’d love to find. Well done on that hunt
  6. Intact Westerwald mug and other Colonial relics found today.

    Easy BANNER hunt! Jesus man that’s amazing. I would be hunting the hell out of that area. Crazy early
  7. Beautiful Morning For Old Coppers

    If you send me a pm before you come up I’ll make sure to put you on a nice early site. This has been an enjoyable post for me. Work has been insane so if I can’t hunt I’m happy to look at very early coins and chat about great sites. Abe
  8. Beautiful Morning For Old Coppers

    I’ll stop hammering you with questions lol. But I’ve found a couple of trash pits that I sifted with some real surprises. One had a 1680s Farthing in it and also 2 17th Century jetons. A ton of late 17th Century Llewelyn Evans pipe stems were also in there. I also found a trash pit with a bunch...
  9. Beautiful Morning For Old Coppers

    Good luck out there. Sounds like a great site. Have you found the trash pits there? These early productive sites are such a rare treat.
  10. Beautiful Morning For Old Coppers

    I don’t disagree with that assessment at all. Congrats on your first 17th Century coin! Have you guys pulled any silver off that site? I’d be taking my time and really digging every little chirp. Any areas you think may be worth sifting?
  11. Beautiful Morning For Old Coppers

    It may also be a William 3 which would make it 1695-1701. It’s a great find either way....and yes you should be very proud of that being your first 17th Century coin.
  12. Beautiful Morning For Old Coppers

    It certainly does. And I can tell you that’s it’s quite a feat to find pre 1700 coins in the states. I have a grand total of 5. So a big congrats to you on a great accomplishment
  13. Beautiful Morning For Old Coppers

    Looks like you may have a William & Mary my friend. That’s a nice early copper if that’s what it is. I’ll take a better look when I get home.
  14. Royal Provincials, Royal Fencibles, Queens Rangers OH MY!

    Well I’d call that a BANNER hunt! That’s an incredible day. I have a feeling you’re not done yet. Great job buddy
  15. 1790 House gives up an Old Copper!

    Well done on taking the time to make a nice presentation piece for the property owner. I have permission for the oldest settled property in my town (1660s). This family is extremely wealthy and very very private. I have only hunted it a few times and refuse to bother them more than once or twice...