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  1. Stone Tools?

    Went back and asked a few questions, apparently the piece is for sale by the owner of the antique store. He says some old-timer sold his collection and rhis was a part of it...
  2. Stone Tools?

    I'll try to get a get a pic this weekend, and I'll post it for sure. :)
  3. Stone Tools?

    A local shop has a piece that is said to have come from a farm field in the immediate vicinity of my home ( mile or two.) It may be related to one of the local Colville bands, however the owner cannot provide any evidence or proof of the piece, and I don't want to spend some good money on a...
  4. Mystery Stone Creek Find

    I find bits of china and pottery in our Spokane river, mostly from the old hotels and military activities on/near the river from many decades past (1890 - 1940s.) old clay water/sewer pipes and such too. If I found this piece of yours, This would be my 1st thought.
  5. Mystery Stone Creek Find

    yes, looks like a water-worn piece of tile, the riffles are the underside where the floor glue would adhere~
  6. Using fishing depth finding sonars units for metal detecting

    Maybe if you were already over a site of interest in the water, to confirm your location or get a better understanding of edges. Were you originally speaking about using a fish finder on land, or looking for POIs in the water, other than fish?
  7. Using fishing depth finding sonars units for metal detecting

    :lurk: never thought of that - nice divergency...
  8. 109oz Carnelian Fished Outta The River

    yes, but not as nice or consistent as those sample pictures, prolly because it's a fairly thick hunk.
  9. 109oz Carnelian Fished Outta The River

    Today, I went to the river but it was jut too GD hot, 102⁰ to be exact, but I spied this carnelian in the river-bed. Took it home and it weighed in at 6.8 pounds!
  10. Gem or fossil

    silica botryoid in amorphous rock? :icon_scratch:
  11. Second time out for the year...large heavy unusual find

    that's a red-neck anchor, not a dumbbell!
  12. Coin collectors - Are 60's - 70's - 80's - 90's Quarters or other coins worth saving ? ? ? Worth more than face ? ? ? and do they actually sell ? ? ?

    I'd heard of some folks like the 70s and 80s quarters, to load in peek-a-boo slot machines to maintain that vintage look and feel.
  13. Hello from the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York.

    I hear they have a commercial submarine moorage out there, in the finger lakes area? Sounds like fun!
  14. Meteor in the backyard ( Images)

    not to be daft (for once, actually), but perhaps it is some type of munitions?
  15. health Tip Have you tried this ???

    All. The. Time. my fingers split - mainly my thumbs esp. my right thumb. Fossicking around in the muck, retrieving minerals in a river, and the dust, dirt, and abuse from years in the Army. All those MIL-STD connectors for radios and power supplies, no gloves, and minor RF burns. Yes, I use...