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  1. Blisstool Dealer

    This may help:
  2. Whites 6000 Di Pro sl

    Sent you a pm let me know you received it
  3. 1/6 ore coins 1666-1668

    Visited a museum in Delaware with a display of these coins on display.
  4. Is currency identification (pic heavy)

    Title was supposed to say US currency identification:(auto correct) Here’s a guide for people who need help identifying:
  5. DIY coil for a pulse dive

    8 inch is currently biggest coil available.
  6. Help with handheld pointer feedback in wireless headphones/detector muted

    It is a common problem just change the frequency on the pinpointer, here’s how. If it’s a pulse dive. FREQUENCY SHIFT It is used to prevent the device from interfering with other detectors nearby. To shift the frequency, press the on-off button while holding the (F) button pressed down. Each...
  7. ace 300 garret anniversary thoughts

    I would say get a simplex and a pin pointer separate. The simplex is priced right in that price range. The simplex will also allow you to have a waterproof detector. For the money in my opinion the simplex is hard to beat. Again it’s only my opinion.
  8. Searched a sidewalk strip near an old church

    It’s the location (Scranton PA)where the show “The office” is supposed to take place at, but doesn’t.
  9. Searched a sidewalk strip near an old church

    Found this beauty of a barber in a sidewalk strip near the church.
  10. Etrac problems

    Some of the insides of the control may have gotten wet, I have seen where a capacitor fails on a control board and causes problems all over the place that are hard to diagnose. My E-trac was a workhorse, I didn’t have that many problems other then one coil failing. I suspect the person you may...
  11. $20 gold piece vs $20

    It’s a real grey area, but there have been a few times baseball fans were almost in trouble. I’ll post a link that explains it better. Basically they (the irs) say if it’s that valuable and you don’t return it immediately, you have to pay taxes on it. You can read more about it below...
  12. Etrac problems

    Do you have a spare coil? I once had a coil go bad on my E trac. I knew it was the coil because once I changed to a different coil the E-trac wouldn’t do the falsing it was doing prior to replacement. After I changed the coil I was lucky enough to not have it happen anymore. A bad coil can make...
  13. Found on permission

    Yes as I was reading your post I realized it’s a reproduction because it wouldn’t be written in English. Damn well cool find just not what i thought it was. Thanks for the help dizzy.