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  • Hi,your article on prestwich airport brought back memories for me,I was 14 years old and living in glasgow at the time of the plane crash,I read it in the morning papers and I remember asking my father about the diamonds and him telling me the diamonds would have bee destroyer in the fire.As far as I remember prestwich airport was a U S Air Force base,it was where Elvis landed for a couple of hours on his way back from Germany.
    Hey Alex, I just saw your site. Absolutely amazing if you can do it. Just the scenery alone would be worth it. I'll definitely be throwing $10 your way and will try to spread the word. Do you have a thread on this site regarding your project??
    Haha your crazy, next your going to hire people to sort coins in your basement lol. I tried to steer you towards gold & platinum mining to no avail....the CRH's have you hooked lol
    I wouldnt rely on the usgs report too much. I'd rely on the MDRS or Mindat then look at who listed it google that etc. It really only has one proven deposit on the island. I dont think it's a good spot to dredge personally. You looked at links I sent right? that report right It had 35 claims listed. i think before movin there I'd fly down for a week and test the rivers easiest way honestly.
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