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  1. I got cut first day of 2022

    Awesome find!
  2. Fantastic farm field finds cont'd

    Thanks to all of you for explaining that bullet extraction. I'd only add that the site I'm on is not a site where there was active fighting, so, while camped I'd imagine they did some repair work and/or may have worked on a few rifles to put them back in to service. I'm absolutely blessed to...
  3. 🥇 BANNER Civil war Sword found

    What a great save! WOW!!
  4. Fantastic farm field finds cont'd

    Back out in the farm field. Lead day :) Plus, a ring, and a button. There's a Williams cleaner bullet. Then we have the three threaded ones. I've dug dozens and dozens of bullets, but never threaded in the tip. Anybody know what THAT'S all about? And that ring, it was cut, sized, and...
  5. ✅ SOLVED What's it?

    Do you think it possible the 'ring' item with the tab protrusion may also be a gag-runner of the type pictured, just with the other, smaller, ring broken off? Once again, thanks for your input, otherwise I'd NEVER know the answer to that often asked detectorists question....what's it? :)
  6. ✅ SOLVED What's it?

    Totallly Awesome ID on this. Again, thanks for the information! It's quite humbling to have a site that yields such artifacts. I run a Nox 800. This button was in a messy iron infested area where an old building of some sort, maybe an original PA cabin, used to be. It's all open fields now. I...
  7. ✅ SOLVED What's it?

    Thanks for your replies! Y'all have quite a vast wealth of knowledge, that's for sure. Awesome!!!
  8. ✅ SOLVED What's it?

    A 'spiked' ring? A 'flattened' button? (pic w/coin to show size), a finely machined 'hooked' part, likely brass/bronze, chromed at one time?
  9. Fabulous Farm Field Finds

    Oh I've been hammerin' the entire farm. I'm not certain the size, but I'd guess 150 acres or so. It takes time to canvass the ground. I use for research, along with I study the old maps, and reference...
  10. Fabulous Farm Field Finds

    I was out on the field today for a couple hours. Playing in the mud. I stumbled across another little civil war site, I'll have to go back and hit it hard to see what all is laying in there. It was toward the end of my "shift" and I was getting tired.....and cold. That little gizmo that looks...
  11. Fabulous Farm Field Finds

    Yeah I think thats right. I tried to capture the date in my el cheapo cell phone pic. Those King George's are all over Pennsylvania farm fields, along with Spanish silvers and well, all sorts of goodies!
  12. Fabulous Farm Field Finds

    Yeah, that little doodad popped up out of the ground and I kept it. I thought it was cool :)
  13. Fabulous Farm Field Finds

    Thanks! You should see the bolts, railroad spikes, busted horseshoes, rolled up tin, aluminum shards, copper wire and pipe, blacksmith cutoff tools, chisels, and other assorted trash that I have :)
  14. Fabulous Farm Field Finds

    Indeed, that is what it is, thanks!
  15. Fabulous Farm Field Finds

    After some closer inspection, the scalpel handle has a "3" on the reverse side and is stamped "Argentina".