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  • Hi Aqua, I'm new here. Will there be a cookout next year in 2022? I would love to attend. Thank you. Susan.
    Howdy Aqua. I haven't been on here in a dogs age, i saw you were still hanging on here, so i figured i'd pop in and say hi. Did i miss much ?, and hows the new owners of that site treating y'all ?.
    I putin to get the 20th off, I will know by Wednesday. If the dept gives it to me I will be there 100%, I have many questions for you and Cornelius and many others about the west coast of FL!
    Hey John, how are you doing? Still healthy I hope. Hope to get out this year and see if this POS At Pro will really work as advertised. This is my 3 rd. one and Doctor Detroit bought it for me and it seems to work. Take Care, Dennis
    Hey Aquanut, I have a shop up here in Daytona Beach, at the Daytona flea and farmers market, I sell metal detectors, accessories, pirate flags, chests and books and magazines etc.. I would be happy to display your flyer in the shop, try and drive some people your way, also I can donate a flag or two, and a current edition of American Digger magazine for part of your raffle. I'll give you a call in the near future and we can talk. Thanks, Gilbert Deal (owner) Treasure Deal's Treasure Deal's - Home 386-341-6814.
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Anderson Detector Shafts

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