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  1. Rebuilding a dredge

    Thanks. The awning is one of the items planned 👍 the two motors are coming off to be replaced with a Mercedes diesel and a Keene P1500.. Cheers, John.
  2. Rebuilding a dredge

    Hi just thought I would let anyone that’s interested in dredging for gold know that I am going to be refitting a commercial 6” gold dredge over the winter. I have already started a facebook page so I am not sure if it’s allowed to link to it but if not the admins can remove this. The dredge is...
  3. Dredging above the Arctic Circle..

    Pumps are made in Sweden by a company called "Perfecta" however I have no contact details, it's just what I've been told. Sorry for the delayed response but I received no emails to say anyone had replied :) The Mercedes transplant will go ahead on the dredge so the two pumps may go onto a...
  4. Dredging above the Arctic Circle..

    2700 litres per minute with both pumps running but looking to change to a single Mercedes 190 diesel and a German fire pump....
  5. Dredging above the Arctic Circle..

    Yes there are still places to dredge, UK is a definate no-go though. John.
  6. Dredging above the Arctic Circle..

    Hi, I just aquired a 6” dredge for my operation above the European Arctic Circle. Looking to have it sucking a river in the summer of 2022 after some modifications and a lot of paperwork has been filled in.
  7. Trommel build

    Sorry for not replying but I didn’t receive any message that there were new posts. Not really interested in yards per hour as I have time.... we hooked up 2x 3” trash pumps last season and it was plenty 👍 John.
  8. Trommel build

    Got there in the end........
  9. Trommel build

  10. Trommel build

    The second riffle was beaten down to a better angle.....
  11. Trommel build

    j The bad piece of expanded metal will be replaced for new....
  12. Trommel build

    It's there, still fixing paperwork etc to run it, hopefully it will work this year, if not, next season for sure..... Plenty time, the gold doesn't migrate or melt ;)
  13. Trommel build

    Heading north with the trommel today, 1500km drive & 220km above the arctic circle....
  14. Trommel build

  15. Trommel build

    Almost there....