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  1. 4th diamond ring since July 24, a merc dime, more civil war stuff, more scout camp goodies and I am king of the fishing sinkers

    Gold filled rings I've found have a percentage marked usually. 1/20 GF for example or something similar. Diamond anything is a great day in my book, but for me I only have 1 earring this year to show.
  2. 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle baseball card sells for $12.6 million... most ever.

    An impressive number. The most valuable card in my collection is worth a few thousand but it's too modern to fetch more than that.
  3. 💥💥Keep detecting, no Matter what💥💥😎 have you ever find religious pendant?

    I see turkey vultures here most days. While I'm driving home from work there's anywhere from 3 to 12 of them circling in a group but they are too far away to get a clear picture. They frequent a forested area that follows the river. They are larger than the normal hawks around here and they...
  4. Here's What made my gas free today

    I have bought a few recent ones, 2020, from the mint website and some have similar scratches or marks. So it's something in their process but that's why perfect grades command a premium.
  5. Clad, silver, mosquitos 🦟

    I've noticed less than usual by me but I don't get out very much during the summer. After rain is when I see them in mass. I have a Cal Ripken like streak going with no bites so far this year.
  6. Coin collectors - Are 60's - 70's - 80's - 90's Quarters or other coins worth saving ? ? ? Worth more than face ? ? ? and do they actually sell ? ? ?

    Ones basically taken straight from a mint set in uncirculated condition and double die errors are the few that are worth a bit more than .25. And recently the w and v75 ones. They sell but even a good amount won't really be worth most peoples time and effort to go through.
  7. First hunt of 2022...first gold of 2022

    Horrible heat wave in my area so it's good to see some places not under the oppressive heat right now.
  8. Morning Middle School Hunt

    I like the design. Most baseballs I find are waterlogged so I don't keep many.
  9. Garbage Picking BHT4

    I used to do the same in my old neighborhood the night before. To me and the Raccoons, garbage night was the best day of the week for a walk. Now we all have the big wheel out garbage cans so can't really see anything and keeps the Raccoons away.
  10. Taxes

    I sold one thing on ebay and refunded it and it counted as part of the gross payments on the 1099, which was mostly from a sales on a different app. Thats why its bogus to need a full time book keeper just to sell a few items. Luckily I keep track of my numbers, price and dates, but don't have...
  11. Vending machine at work. Silver dime.

    Scored a 1964 dime from one of the 8 machines we have at work. Kind of a spotted cow variety. I check them at both breaks, today was the 930 one that was successful. Yesterday I got 2 quarters from the coffee machine, which is strange because it has a free option so thats what most usually get.
  12. I shall call him.... Mini Me

    First time using the Equinox 6 inch coil was today. As well as the first time out in 2022. My plan was to test the coil at a playground to get under the equipment but it was full of kids so I had to go to the baseball field. Found about 10 coins and tons of tabs and caps. Saved by the 925...
  13. Beautiful Snowy Hunt, First CT Copper

    A bit of a heat wave this week for us northern states so most snow should be gone soon. 9 degrees when I left for work on Saturday, and already 60 today by me.
  14. Coinstar gives up a wheatback

    My total for 2021 was 123 pennies from the machines. Only 3 were wheat type so they are tough to find. One was a 1910 though so an old one for sure.
  15. Florida beach gives up some silver jewelry

    The locals must not be very thorough to miss that much. I always thought there would be stiff competition but I guess not.