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  1. Few recent finds

    Been busy last few months but I have been out a few times and found some decent points. These ones are from Sunday also main reason I haven’t been posting is I can’t find treasure net app ?? I got a new phone it’s an iPhone but so was old one but for some reason I can’t find the tnet app...
  2. Scraps?

    I think we all have that pile of stuff that isn’t worth putting in a display but it’s still an artifact so you keep it. I had 2 glass end tables that I made into display cases it turned out good I also wrapped the inside with lights so it made them look really nice
  3. Found in Northeast Texas

    That’s a really nice find , nice looking material
  4. Artifact Table In The Man Cave

    Some high quality quartz artifacts , nice display
  5. My son found a Clovis today!

    What a killer find ! How old is your son ? Does he realize the rarity of finding a Clovis ? That’s something very high on my bucket list I hope to cross off one day congrats to your son
  6. unique point

    That is an odd one , is it possible that side was the last part the maker had to work on and ran into a stack and couldn’t go any further ?
  7. hafted scrapers

    Nice materials
  8. Shell Artifacts

    Beautiful artifacts
  9. Ohio Lance forms- Paleo to Late Archaic

    You have a an amazing collection thanks for pics
  10. Help me identify what this is - was

    Yep looks like a really nice Plummet, can you post a profile picture also one from the top where the groove is looking down would help. Nice find
  11. 3-28-20 finds: a couple rare finds and regional lithic specimens

    Those are some really nice finds , I think I would have leaned more towards a Kirk corner than Jacks Reef on that one
  12. Today was good day

    Great finds , that Paleo looking one is odd for sure but still a really sweet point. What depth did you find it at ? Was it deeper than other points you found if not maybe it was reused / repurposed by woodland era natives. Was this the shelter you were asking for advice a few weeks ago about...
  13. Found some interesting items

    The big quartz piece in 1st pic on left side looks like it a large broken preform
  14. Stanfield knife

    Killer blade