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  1. Miller Table

    You may want to try a large pan say over 3' in size. The pan can be used in a number of ways for different separation of the heavy's. I posted a thread about pan that is around 4' in size. One can easily process many hundreds of pounds at a batch process.
  2. Anyone make a 4 foot gold pan for fines?

    Some pictures of the real wagon wheel rims as well as a tent style of wood stove custom made out of gauge sheet metal with folding legs. I also picked up another treadle stand all of this from the same estate sale. The wagon wheel rims are 43" for the front rims and 57" for the one rear rim...
  3. Anyone make a 4 foot gold pan for fines?

    That is a real neat 4 ft. table there thanks for posting pictures.
  4. Anyone make a 4 foot gold pan for fines?

    Went to an estate sale and picked up 3 more wagon wheel rims. The picture above is a carriage wheel rim and the 3 I picked up are real wagon wheel rims about 3 time as wide. Two of the rims are front wheel and one is the rear wheel. Some of the rims have torn steel from the trip of the past...
  5. Anyone make a 4 foot gold pan for fines?

    Anyone use a wood pellet stove auger for feeding materials to a pan? Two pictures:
  6. Video link to my new device.....

    Some pictures:
  7. Anyone make a 4 foot gold pan for fines?

    As this project evolves my next step I will try to make is having the bottom of the wagon wheel rim pan will have a screen that goes up and down motion. This may slow down the plugin up of the screen as well as the motion will cause the lights to exit the pan. Any ideas here? Thanks.
  8. Video link to my new device.....

    The treadle rocking steel pan will just be a concentrator. I would like to replace the steel pan with some kind of very fine screen for a self cleaning classifier / concentrator as the next step of the general process. Any ideas here? Thanks.
  9. Video link to my new device.....

    This may sound silly I got an idea for my 16" steel pan that I would like to turn into a rocking pan. The core of the machine will be a all ready made treadle sewing machine stand from the 1920's. The down side is the size and it is not light however I think will hold up fairly well for the...
  10. Video link to my new device.....

    On second thought one screen at a time is enough plus these screens are thin enough that some support is needed. The thin screens could fall apart quickly unless supported. Would a rocking action work as well? Rockers goes way back.
  11. Video link to my new device.....

    Just a idea having two screens say a 200 and 400 mesh screens going up and down for very fine values. Anyone do this? Thanks.
  12. Video link to my new device.....

    Lookin forward to seeing the video or pictures.
  13. WWIII and Gold Mining

    Will the bank runs that are starting in China have any impact?
  14. Battery Powered Shop Vac

    Try adding a jaw crusher and impact mill to start with for
  15. Battery Powered Shop Vac

    What difference does it make what school you are using or even the school you have gone to if you can end up with what you found in that lovely looking pan you are showing. 8-) Good job and excellent point you make.