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  • Look up "ping"ing and "message tracing" online. Broadcasting and disseminating info like that though can be a legal matter. I can know it and tell an individual I know it, but make it a public statement is the line not to cross.
    If this is true, I am shocked beyond words. Can you post your findings and finally let the truth of the matter be known for all to see?
    I believe everyone here already knows of the word press blog. Even the moderators dismiss its credibility. Speaking only for myself, I know the blog to be false. Heh, its probably being written by a former, disgruntled and banned, member of this site named Nick Marche**** (for privacy) , or his handle here Nickmarch. Because I have met with SEPaMan and his buddy Scat in the flesh. We have hunted together. I've seen a lot of the things they have seen and thus I'm inclined to believe them. Frankly if you don't believe the story, it's a waste of time to post here.
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