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  1. Heres the vid. Epic seated spill

    Well done indeed!!!
  2. Minelab ctx 6"coil help!

    It's in the mail!! Thanx for the tip!
  3. Minelab ctx 6"coil help!

    That's what I wanted to hear! Thanx!
  4. CTX 3030 raw power

    I take my ctx to Mexico every year and hunt around town . It's paid for itself about 6 times! Gold silver platinum !!!!
  5. Minelab ctx 6"coil help!

    I have a CTX and I am considering buying a 6 inch coil. I like to hunt a certain ghost town and homesteads where I live. Can anybody guide me and direct me? Anybody out there have good or bad experience with this coil?
  6. Coin star silver

    Yes I am that cheapskate that checks the coin star tray for change. But today I struck silver! A 1953 and a 1964 dime in a pile of quarters in the tray of a coin star machine.
  7. Snow melt piles!

    I thought I was the genius that invented that. I guess not! Did pretty well here in Montana as well.
  8. MT ghost town hunt

    Did a little detecting and found a ornate pocket watch and also a privy that rendered some nice bottles.
  9. Ctx and gold coins

    Yeah no doubt I'm going to dig everything look for my fines on Sunday night
  10. Ctx and gold coins

    Sweet thank you! They hit a little higher than I thought they would. This should be pretty valuable being is that this area is turn-of-the-century and I have already found barbers an Indian heads. Wish me luck on the gold coin!
  11. Ctx and gold coins

    Cool thanks for the response! I have found a few gold rings myself and one platinum. But nothing to the amount you have great collection! I am going to assume that gold coatings will ring up close to the same. If I find anything good I will post from my ghost Town hunt
  12. Ctx and gold coins

    I am hunting a ghost town this weekend and having wild fantasies about finding gold coin. Can anyone tell me what a gold going rings up on the CTX?
  13. my first barber of any variety

    Cool! Thank you!!!
  14. my first barber of any variety

    How do you do that? And if so does it affect the value of the coin?
  15. my first barber of any variety

    Wow that is awesome! Beautiful queen! I got a question about baking soda. I just found a arbor time yesterday in the tarnish looks like it has a beard. Does baking soda clean that as well? Here's a picture of what I mean.