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  1. Need help to leach ores

    For oxidized ore the best leachant is simple chlorine gas. Cheap and easy to buy in one ton tanks used in water treatment plants. If you are going to be primary, using a shaker table for free milling gold and then leaching with chlorine and removing the gold from the pregnant solution with...
  2. Volcanic nuggets

    Gold can be found in volcanic rock i have mined in a volcano the Elephant mine Soledad Mountain just south of mojave calif is the core of a old volcano and very rich in gold. I found high grade gold ore when i mined there. at the elephant-eagle mine...
  3. Old Axes and Hoes

    Number one is likely a adze, not a hoe. it may have been later used as a hoe by someone that did not know its true use.
  4. MOST dangerous Situations you have been in while Detecting

    I spent 5 years detecting a old muddy gold mine and covered every stope and tunnel of the mine looking for high grade gold pockets. i would spend a lot of time up old slick muddy stopes hanging from climbing gear doing all the rock surfaces, then have to haul a drilling rig up to pop out targets...
  5. Anybody have good ideas on how to get rid of skunks?

    i had a pet skunk once, kept the neighbors dogs out of the yard and never was descented. as the neighbors found out when there dogs came home. animal control found out and we were told we could not keep it. so the next night i released it at the animal control office. i hope they liked it.
  6. MK 76 Practice Bomb I found

    they may have a flare in them that can cause injuries if it goes off.
  7. El Paso mountains, spanish treasure? Nugget hunting?

    if you hunt gold nuggets in the el paso range remember gold rides an iron horse.
  8. US magnet fishing laws

    The only law that is in just about every state is you have to turn in guns you find
  9. Stupid Question

    550 cord is not what most people think it is. only type-III MIL-C-5040 paracord is rated at 550 breaking most 550 cord is even lesser strength and most sold the hardware stores is rated at around 250lb if you have a 880 pound magnet you need a rope rated at 1000 pounds this gives you a safety...
  10. metal detecting on navigable water through private property CA

    if the land is under a mining claim every thing is property of the claim owner but the water. it's the same with mineral rights land.
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What could these ruins found in the woods be?

    Foundation for a water pump. Common near springs to feed homes. likely they pumped water to a gravity tank next to the home.
  12. Worst or the best thing to find magnet fishing

    your guess.
  13. WWI-era ammunition round found filled with antique coins, bills

    i have found 5 rounds like that in the calif desert, and they were 5 inch rocket warheads. the nose fuse area had a sharp pointed plug in it with no fuse and the base was like the base plug shown. since it had no fuse i opened one and found sand plaster filling the warhead. i found them 5 foot...
  14. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Found Something a Human Bones or Animal Bones.

    if this is the Philippines and he is looking for yamashita's gold the last thing he needs to do is report it. if he did report it traps are the least of his worries. people have died, been thrown in prison or just disappeared looking for yamashita's gold, just look at the story of rogelio...
  15. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Some sort of clam shell?

    The central valley of Calif was once a inland sea and magladon sharks teeth can be found down near Bakersfield.