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  • stay informed buddy,I'll be posting info in my profile,feel free to do the same.Beat for now but not conquered,never will be.
    Go out from your house east(better), west(sometimes). When you get to a creek go upstream and look for smooth, flat , black rocks in the creek. Scratch it with a knife, and you should get pure silver. Done it myself, seen it done, but stay in the creeks unless a rancher is a friend and will let you on the property. Rumor is there is a vein. Now around Llano there is some really poor ore you can pick up, including at the old spanish, Los Alamagres mine(the Bowie Lost Mine). Pretty crappy, but it's there.
    Hey, austin. My name is Nic. I am new to prospecting and live in the Brady area. I was wondering if what you said about silver being in the creeks was true.
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