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  1. Charger advice

    They are different WHPs. The instructions for the Green Edition WHPs that come with the Simplex states 'You can use a 5V 1A charging adapter to charge your headphones. Using an adapter with higher voltage or amperage may damage the headphones or its battery.' That's why I was confused. The...
  2. Charger advice

    I'm getting ready to purchase a Simplex WHP. I've been reading up on the manuals and I'm a little confused on chargers. What chargers are you guys using for your Simplexs and WHPs? The manual for the Simplex says to use a 5v 2a and the manual for the WHPs says to use a 5v 1a and says using...
  3. Rail under Simplex armrest?

    It sure looks like it was meant to mount something. Thanks.
  4. Rail under Simplex armrest?

    Sound reasonable, although I did see a battery pack that mounted in the square hole at the end of the armrest. Thanks for responding.
  5. Rail under Simplex armrest?

    Does anyone know what the 'rail' under the Simplex armrest is for? It's about a foot long and looks like something could attach to it. Curious minds want to know. 😊
  6. Simplex Plus question

    This is kind of an old post, but I recently sent an email to Nokta asking if the simplex now comes with the lower CF shaft. Here is the reply I got: Thank you for reaching us. You need to buy Lower Shaft (Carbon Fiber) extra. Best Regards Ceylan ÖNLEK
  7. New from Apache county Arizona

    Hi from the White Mountains of Arizona. I belonged to the forum awhile back, but I can see it has changed and I was unable to logon under my old name/email. Anyway glad to be back.