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  • thanks Bart i just got the 5x8 coil and lower shaft and thanks for the coil cover can't wait to get out tomorrow and use it.
    just became a member because of your deal on the at gold and pro and added you as the referral. plain on paying for this sometime today still not sure which way to go for Alabama pro or gold.
    Hey Bart I need a good price on a pro pointer and gray ghost for the ATPro and a garret trowel make it good like always and I will call you as soon as I get it , I am also a member of your BBH forums !
    Bart I for got to mention my DFX 300 also has the SunRay DX1 in linr probe on too
    I was looking at your web site and like the price and deal you are asking for the Xterra 705 gold package and I see you do trade also,
    Would you be interested in a Whites DFX 300 package just back from whites with a complete checkup and several new parts etc new speaker,headphone jack,and screen Machine looks good and works perfect I have the battery packs both standard and rechargeable packs and the charger,the manual,12"spider coil, the 950 coil with covers on both,the DVD disk,and whites shipping container. if interested let me know by return mail and what the price difference would be. Thanks
    Don Latterell
    Bart, What kind of price can you give me on a new Whites TM 808 2-box detector?
    I can get a good used one but if the difference for new is not too much, I would rather get new and support you.
    Bart, I'd like to find out the price and how long it would take to get a Sunray probe for my Whites MXT. My current address is in Ohio working zip 43348 but only for a couple of more weeks then I return to Oklahoma.
    thank you, Lenny
    Hi Brat I got the Propointer that you shipped today. Thanks for the fast shipping. I am really going to enjoy having it.
    hi Bart thanks for a great deal on my ATP love it took it out in the yard today it worked great. thanks
    going to purchase the pro pointer today by garrett from you you sent me an invoice i also want to know if you have the 8.5/11 DD coil cover for the at pro if yes send me another invoice to my email for both thanks
    Hey Bart! I need a Fathers day/Birthday special on the Garret Pro Pointer to go with the At Pro that I bought from you last month. I need to give my wife a good idea for this. I will be 55 years young this month.

    Hello!What is the best price for the GARRETT AT GOLD without accessories with shipping to Los Angeles. please reply to
    Andre moutinho
    Hello!What is the best price for the GARRETT AT GOLD without accessories with shipping to Los Angeles. please reply to
    Andre moutinho
    Hi Bart, badpenny over at Treasure Net, I am looking for an 8x5 DD coil for my AT Pro. Can you quote me a price on one I am located in Drums Pa. Thanks
    Where is your blog comparing the coiltek coil with the S-5 etc. I saw an old post from 2011. Not sure where members blogs are located.
    am looking to purchase an AT Pro package please email me ty
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