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  1. Coin shops closing

  2. The supermarket was out of toilet paper and Clorox but the Coinstar was well stocked

    Awesome SCORE!!!!!!! Congrats! :headbang:
  3. A nice eagle plate today.

    WOW!!!! And to think, in a few more months with that construction it would have been lost forever! Awesome save! :icon_thumright:
  4. Couple of Keepers for the Button Collection.

    Many thanks sir. I knew someone here could help out. This is great to have so many folks share their expertise with everyone!
  5. My first silver woohooo and a few other odd objects

    Great score on the first silver. And she's a beauty! :occasion14:
  6. Small Barber spill

    Great save! :occasion14:
  7. Couple of Keepers for the Button Collection.

    Got out with a couple new friends in our area who also metal detect. We drove out to an old Stage Stop that was in use from the 1850's and was finally bypassed around 1870. It has been a livestock area ever since. We have had some great finds in this area over the years but the weeds are all...
  8. $5 Gold coin, Diamond 14k ring, and 14k 1951 Bulova ladies watch a Gold trifecta!

    YUP!!!! It's "Never" hunted out!!! Congrats!!! :icon_thumleft:
  9. Things are looking up because I looked down

    Great find!!!!! She's a beauty!!! :icon_thumleft:
  10. I dug two outrageous silver pocket knives today hunting an abandoned apple orchard.

    Very beautiful! Great saves! :icon_thumright:
  11. *** If you love OLD Spanish Reales, Barber halfs, and old Coppers click here***

    WOW!!! What an amazing site your found! Congrats! :occasion14:
  12. Silvers #3 and 4 for the month (and ever)

  13. You never know

    Nice save on the button!!!!! :icon_thumleft:
  14. $199 detector pulls Spanish from the iron

    How awesome is that!!!!! Nice save!!!:icon_thumright:
  15. Coinstar finds motivate woods detecting

    Very nice!!! Someone broke our Coinstar this last weekend!!! UUUUHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGG