• My life is really starting to turn around, I feel great.
    And I owe it all to my friends here that have lent great support in my time of need.!
    I love you All.

    Will include you in my prayers. Jesus at all times, is holding each & everyone of us. We are never alone. God Bless, you have a good heart. Kat
    For the record, my point of view of current issues can change hourly, I exist in a constant perpetual fog of confusion, and my personality changes constantly, I know it's pointless to say it, since it is impossible to unring a bell, but try not to be rash and judge me until you actually get to know me..that will be difficult since, even I do not know who I am.

    You're a good man BC. You just keep remembering that! Helps to have your wisdom around. Stay here and keep posting!
    Hey Mike ,glad to see you back. I've been out of town for a little while,haven't been here much. Itching to go detecting somewhere good though,finding trash stinks,lol!
    Hanks for requesting me as a friend but I proy won't be on much more I reporte TH to the site admin for being a impractical mod and only picking and choosing what he enforces and threads the close.

    Anyways sorry to here about your depression and troubles. It'll get better sometime just try not and let it eat you up, depression is a tough thing to deal with since once you start sliding you keep going. Activity is a great was to combat it as well as a lifestyle change like meeting new people or a new hobby. Then when your better you can get back to the old things. If there's anything I can ever help you with let me know I will try my best. Have a great day and keep your chin up week all pulling for you.
    BC I don't know what happened to your goodbye post,it was deleted as I was posting on it( go figure) I just wanted to tell you to take care of yourself and if this place bringing you down it may be for the best. Namaste.
    My depression is eating me alive, as it is getting close to the anniversary of my fathers passing, and well I just cannot handle it to be honest. so if I do not post much, it's because I am wrecked emotionally.
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