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  1. Real gold?

    Hey thats a great find. Most of the time you wont even get a color so to get something anything is fantastic!:hello2::icon_thumright: You reminded me of a venture years ago with a friend that wished to find gold. I suggested we go for a jeep ride in the back country and fill several five gallon...
  2. Real gold?

    Looks like placer gold o me and i have been finding it for55 years inCalifornia mother load country
  3. Hey guys it’s me truth I’m still here hot summer life crazy not too much hunting but I found my first silver and I don’t know what it is

    makes one think its British but if it was it would be writen in English but according to wiki a number of countries made coins with these words
  4. Digital cameras CAN see buried gold

    It works for me. I learned how in the late seventies while working at Rancho Seco atomic power plant as an electrician. The company that ran the plant had had a couple of accidents the last one when a back hoe hit a buried 4160 volt line that was not supposed to be there and this was the straw...
  5. Minelab GPX6000 ?

    I've seen all the good reviews but not much from owners and what they have found. Minelab told me it dosen't have a read out of what it is seeing all is done by sound so i was waiting to hear from owners to see their reactions. Thanks for your suggestions
  6. Minelab GPX6000 ?

    I've read the reviews and was going to order one but the thought i would wait until I heard feed back from people that have bnought them and are using them. $6,000 is a lot for a machine with no read out just sound. I've learned to use the display info as well as the sound partly because i have...
  7. Hummingbird Houses

    yes, they are hard to find because they are so small and blend in so well
  8. Minelab GPX6000 ?

    How come i see so little mention of this machine has it been discountinued or something?
  9. MineLab GPX 6000 review

    So did minelab ever reply regarding costs?
  10. Hummingbird Houses

    they will be great bird houses for them little bitty birds like tits, wrens, etc. Will be fun to see who moves in:icon_thumright:
  11. Hummingbird Houses

    They look great but i didn't think hummers nested in boxes just in little cup like nests stuck to branches
  12. Maybe a pendant ? Any thoughts on this?

    Could it be a bottle opener?
  13. Near Death Experiences?

    absolutely, and thats why when scientists noticed this trend in their work they devised a scientific protocol to follow to eliminate as much as possible this human defect.
  14. Near Death Experiences?

    Ive had strange things happen to me that cannot be explained. In your case from what you describe it sounds like it may have been an out of body experiance rather than a near death one...chuckle....maybe they are both manifestations of of near death. We think we are so smart but the fact is we...
  15. Near Death Experiences?

    How does one have a near death experiance when awake?