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  • hi I'm Kim been reading your post and I would love to know what you found out about the lead. I found to lead bars yesterday marked Bunker Hill they're connected at the top round and split the bottom very heavy. trying to upload my pictures now I just got on the site and can't figure everything out yet. would love to hear back from you thanks
    Do you know of any good books or sites to help in the identification of the suspender buckle? I would like to try and date it and possible find out if it is union, confederate or earlier. Thanks again for the help
    Hope all is good....havent heard from ya....drop me a line when ya get a chance
    Thanks for the links. Sorry to hear about your financial difficulties. Let me know if I can help.
    It looks like your catching hell on your thead. Everybody needs to relax and take it easy. Life is too short. Thanks for the Like of my sub story.
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