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  • Hello, I am Erik and I live in Sarasota florida. I would love to be involved and to help on the search as I am very fascinated with pirate treasure and the myths and ledgends. I love md and do it almost on a daily basis. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. Feel free to call me sometime or pm me. (941) 348-4526 Thanks
    Hey. I will give you permission for you search on tribal lands. If anything is found the tribe has rights to it. However I can make an agreement with you to split my precentage from the tribe with you. I can also hunt the big cypress preserve. Where ever the shark and harney rivers or canals are as well.. lmk.
    I am back, been navagating this site and it is very interesting. Hopefully all the time and effort is working out for you. Keep up the good work, no matter what anyone else might say. I have known you for quite some time now and know your capabilities. AVGF Dave#1
    Hi Bigdogdad, just regestered trying to navigate this site on this old computer like me. Dont uderstand much at this time, hopefully i will. Dave#1
    Long time no talk........I hope you and the Wife and the Show Dogs are all doing great!! I've been so busy working for a living I haven't been to this site in ages. Just wanted to say Hello and let you know I was thinking about you. Bj
    Hey Bigdog! Wow...of course I'd be interested in hearing what you are proposing. Are we talking dirt digging?? I don't get a chance to do much of that here and really miss it! Don't know that anyone would want to see this unphotogenic mug on TV! lol
    Give me a buzz...610-308-5780
    call me please tim, i no longer have my old phone with all my contacts.....kim and i fought again and it useless for her and i ...i am moving back to ga.....678 327 4709
    You better keep your opinion for yourself as you obviously don't have a clue what I am talking about :-(
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