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  • So you moved to newyork?? Am sure your luck will follow? So hows it going we want to hear about the bad and good! You can post your finds every week! I think we should talk some time? Let me know.
    yeah, you just gotta take the good with the bad... I am sure with all the competition in my neck of the woods, the skunk boxes will clear out eventually, afterall, it is only the 2nd week of 2013.
    nice on the totals, what goal are you aiming towards? I want to get 100 oz, but i think i'd be lucky to get 50 oz
    hi bigscores how is the search coming along? I am currenty on a 10 box skunk streak for halves for 2013 and also skunked on $790 in halves from a random bank stop which contained $500 MWR and $290 CWR.
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