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  1. Legend and Deus II Gold Coin

    Free advertising??? What happened?? I thought you did these test without any perks from the manufacturers. Something must have happened in order for the changes you have made from Nokta Makro.
  2. Safari thoughts everyone please!!

    What you said about the may be correct. I have never gotten along with the explorer line up. I thought the safari would be slightly different or maybe a little faster recovery speed I guess but maybe it is not. I appreciate your input
  3. Safari thoughts everyone please!!

    Ok so I know this is an older unit. I know every body says sell it to buy the equinox.......well I would like to hear you guys honest opinion of the safari compared to say your other unit whatever it is. Ok so if the safari is your number one unit chime in. If it is your back up...
  4. Has anyone compared the original Deus to the nookta legend?

    In your soil incam see you saying that. I have had a couple of eq600 units. I cannot say they "out did" my deus 1 or even my orx. I have been kind of wanting to try that legend. I do like nokta makro for sure. I wish the platform they used for their multi smf unit would have been...
  5. Has anyone compared the original Deus to the nookta legend?

    Well I have heard you have pretty rough ground conditions in VA. Another friend told me something very similar with your comparison. I have a deus 1 and 2 and have had an orx. I am selling my original deus possibly.......was thinking of trying out the legend.....but from all of my...
  6. Has anyone compared the original Deus to the nookta legend?

    I was curious if anyone who has the original deus and compared signals with the legend? Would like to know the outcome.
  7. First Texas going down

    As far as Fisher goes.....I thought they hit the fan when the Los Banos, CA factory burned down. When first texas bought them....i never really felt as though it was the same fisher unit. Although I liked the f75, the t2, the omega and the Euro tek pro. As far as new units go.....who...
  8. NEW XP ORX...X35 or HF coil??

    You will enjoy it!!
  9. NEW XP ORX...X35 or HF coil??

    I found plenty of deep targets with the 9 inch round hf coil on the orx I had. The orx with the 9 inch hf coil was the first xp unit I ever purchased. Since then I have had 2 orx, one with the x35 and the other the hf round and also had the elliptical 9.5x10. Purchased an xp deus and...
  10. Magnetic ground setting

    You need to real col Dan's write up a few post down where the title says I have been converted from 3 tones to square......I think you may find it an interesting start at least for searching on beaches
  11. Pulling the trigger on a Deus 2

    I do think i am going with the 9 inch coil. The ws2 phones should be very much like the ones on the ORX. I like the fact that it turns off when the remotes turns off.
  12. Pulling the trigger on a Deus 2

    That is very inspiring. It is too hot and dry here right now as well but I know fall is right around the corner and the weather will break a bit. What was the small gold coin you found?
  13. Pulling the trigger on a Deus 2

    I have been giving it much thought and have decided to get the Deus 2. I do not get out to detect as much as I would like currently. I put that into consideration before I made my mind up. While trying to justify a purchase of a unit That cost above 1000.00 for the amount of time I am...
  14. Videos vs written user reviews

    Yes I can retain more when i read something. Dan does some great write ups on his experiences....that is one reason why I miss our printed magazine.
  15. My first Arrowhead find!

    Well that is awesome!! You are in a good spot near the Ohio river.... tons of artifacts if you take the time to keep your head down!! Congratulations on your first!!