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  1. Middletown.

    Anyone around? Getting warm weather about time to hit the dirt ��
  2. My Classic car insurance covers stupidity!

    My uncle had a 66 389 3x2 4 speed car.
  3. My Classic car insurance covers stupidity!

    Not a GM fan but got to say the 66-67 Gto was a sharp car. Is that a 389?
  4. Middletown.

    Anyone in the Middletown area? Looking for a detecting buddy.
  5. Anyone near Middletown?

    I’m more into metal detecting. But I’m new to the area I actually live in Kentucky but work in Middletown. I was hoping to find out about metal detecting the banks of the little Miami but I can’t seem to find out if it’s legal or not? All the stuff you find on the internet is not straight forward.
  6. Anyone near Middletown?

    Middletown Ohio. My bad.
  7. Anyone near Middletown?

    Anyone in the Middletown area?
  8. The Indian Way Bill

    Thanks for the info. Looks like I’ll be heading to sandy lol.
  9. Kentucky!

    I’ve been looking through the site there is some good stuff on here. I live about 20 minutes from the lake but for some reason I’ve never explored out there. That will change this summer lol
  10. Kentucky!

    Anyone on here around the Grayson area?
  11. The Indian Way Bill

    My apologies my phone autocorrected me lol where can I get a copy of the way bill?
  12. The Indian Way Bill

    Where can one obtain a copy of this way I’ll?
  13. [B][/B] What could this little guy be?

    Looks like the tip off an old oil can.
  14. Any updates

    Any one in the Kentucky area found anything lately on the swift silver mine?