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  1. Surprise find today!

    Great teamwork and nice detail Congratulations on your nice recoveries
  2. Large cent kinda dive day..

    CD I always enjoy viewing your dive videos Congratulations on your nice recoveries
  3. Nice day for a bike ride.

    Love the scenery Thanks for sharing with us
  4. Why worry?

    Terry,Thank You for your service And I imagine how proud he is of you now
  5. Short walk, still impressed

    Whadi. Good detail and well said Congratulations and Best of Luck with your new detector
  6. Sunrise Last Wednesday in Gateway

    Very Beautiful scenery Thanks again for sharing with us
  7. Mouth of the Chetco river Brookings Oregon

    Beautiful picture thanks for sharing with us
  8. Gulf coast sunsets

    Glad to hear that you had a beautiful visit Maybe one day I can visit and have you show me the beautiful scenery also
  9. Wood Soldiers

    Enjoy them this time of year in NY
  10. FLASHBACK: Whites Best Treasure Finds!

    Terry Beautiful Thanks for sharing with us
  11. S.C Dispensary bottle kinda day!

    CD Congratulations well done
  12. Shiny 1700s silver cuff link; 1722 KG1 Hibernia (left harp)

    Congratulations Awesome recoveries
  13. Awesome Hunt Today!

    Great teamwork and Congratulations on your nice recoveries You are having a great season
  14. Been awhile...more coinstar silver

    You are doing good Congratulations next time I’m out at the store I’ll make it a point to go down that aisle
  15. Partial eclipse

    Pepperj Outstanding picture Thank You for showing us.