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  1. 14k gold ring, louis vutton bracelet, silver earrings

    Fantastic …Congratulations your doing so so good
  2. 3rd hunt for the year on Monday - does it count?

    Congratulations you are doing good
  3. 14k gold ring, louis vutton bracelet, silver earrings are doing fantastic.. Congratulations
  4. Tomato Sauce

    Thank you...nice picture looks so thick and delicious
  5. Tomato Sauce

    I’m sure it’s definitely delicious
  6. Tomato Sauce

    Thank You . It takes along time to prepare and it turned out good. I heard that called gravy so many years ago I forgot about it.. Take care
  7. Tomato Sauce

    It’s those special moments that will always be remembered It’s amazing that you mentioned the non burning as when I did the cleanup there was no burning also Thanks for sharing
  8. Tomato Sauce

    Thanks We enjoy making sauce and this year planted Roma and San Marzano
  9. Merc and an Indian!!

    Congratulations on your great teamwork and beautiful recoveries
  10. Tomato Sauce

    Is there a certain tomato variety that’s best
  11. Tomato Sauce

    You have such a great way of putting your thoughts into words so so quickly
  12. Tomato Sauce

    Thank You..It’s great to have some on hand when the snow flies Take care
  13. Tomato Sauce

    I’m going to make some sauce bread now
  14. Tomato Sauce

    Home made ketchup That sounds so so delicious
  15. Tomato Sauce

    That cheese sounds great..thanks again