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  • HI Bart, Are you the same Black Bart that was into vintage Alfa Romeos?
    I heard that he had moved to Florida, we'll be there soon; moving from Hawaii to Vero Beach, and I have a White's Surf P I .
    I can't wait to give it another shot on the beach. Thanks
    Aloha, Guy
    Hi Bart, hope your well, do you know who EPwright is on TNet?
    Blak bart
    Blak bart
    No not familiar with that name ?? Hope you are well also !!
    I don’t do much saltwater hunting, but I found a crusted up Spanish 2 reales last weekend. When cleaning it, the outer layer delaminated and flaked away. I Was wondering if I could show you some pics of before and after.
    I soaked in tarn-x, but it wasn’t really helping, so then I did buckleboys hot water, baking soda, and foil method. This made the outer layer soft and I was able to toothpick away the crusty layer
    Need some advice cleaning saltwater silver


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    Blak bart
    Blak bart
    Alright bonepicker !! Congrats on a nice one !! When it starts to go you have to take it all lose a little detail when it flakes but I think it looks better to have it all a uniform consistency on the surfaces. Really there isn't much else you can do.....I think you did a great job !! I use the baking soda method on most of my treasure coins. Cheers mate....what a great find !!
    Thanks buddy. I have been digging 1880’s+ coins off of this beach and then this 2 reales popped up. I think it turned out pretty decent, but it’s super thin now and I lost that nice thick reeded edge. Was just wondering if I could have done something different. Dug a nice little brass pendant the same day.


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