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  • I don’t do much saltwater hunting, but I found a crusted up Spanish 2 reales last weekend. When cleaning it, the outer layer delaminated and flaked away. I Was wondering if I could show you some pics of before and after.
    I soaked in tarn-x, but it wasn’t really helping, so then I did buckleboys hot water, baking soda, and foil method. This made the outer layer soft and I was able to toothpick away the crusty layer
    Need some advice cleaning saltwater silver


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    Blak bart
    Blak bart
    Alright bonepicker !! Congrats on a nice one !! When it starts to go you have to take it all lose a little detail when it flakes but I think it looks better to have it all a uniform consistency on the surfaces. Really there isn't much else you can do.....I think you did a great job !! I use the baking soda method on most of my treasure coins. Cheers mate....what a great find !!
    Thanks buddy. I have been digging 1880’s+ coins off of this beach and then this 2 reales popped up. I think it turned out pretty decent, but it’s super thin now and I lost that nice thick reeded edge. Was just wondering if I could have done something different. Dug a nice little brass pendant the same day.


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