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  • Howdy Blindbowman! :tongue3: I hope all is well with you. Just saying hello - drop me a note some evening.
    Hola mi amigo!

    It is good to hear from you! Beth and I are doing well, nothing too exciting in the way of news though. I am still working on Custer, though we did get out to hunt for Standoff Bar a couple weeks back, had no luck in finding it. The spot we hunted for it was sure beautiful though - a nice creek flowing through the valley with fat trout feeding on the bugs, elk, deer, turkeys and plenty of timber just a gorgeous spot. Too bad it was not where Standoff Bar is though!

    I don't know if you still have my email address but if not here it is:

    Drop me a note some evening when you have time, had something I want to talk over with you and you are about the only person whom could answer this question. Take it easy buddy and I hope you have a very pleasant day, thanks again for writing!
    your friends in Dakota,
    Roy & Beth
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