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  1. What if I had 24k pure raw gold?

    Break off a small chunk, place it on a steel surface and tap it with a hammer If it shatters, it's pyrite If it squishes like a lead sinker, it's gold 24k doesn't occur in nature, Maybe 20 or 22k but 24k requires refining.
  2. DIY Cone Mold (w/pics and questions)

    Thats a lot of metal mass that you have to heat up. How about a black iron pipe cap?
  3. It has to be a Hobby

    You pushed the button on one of my biggest pet peeves. I truly dislike calling mining a hobby. Politically, its a foot shot because hobbies can be regulated and banned at the whim of government because they are recreational and inconsequential. Professionally, mining is a serious for-profit...
  4. Gold folks

    Use it anyway. The Washington laws prohibited motorized mining but they didnt include a penalty. If caught the F&G can only educate you. No confiscation, no fine. Thank him for the education and get back in the water and shovel on!
  5. Gold Recovery Below 100 Mesh

    The answer you seek depends on your goals. If you are trying to see if you can recover every bit of gold and you have the time to burn, then by all means, carry on and enjoy your work. If you are trying to come up with a valuable amount of gold then time spent is your enemy. You need to focus on...
  6. Gold Recovery Below 100 Mesh

    Without involving chemical extraction your options are limited. However, so are your results. You have to balance between time spent and actual recovery achieved...the smaller the gold the more difficult and time consuming it is to catch it. It takes a LOT of flour gold to add up to something...
  7. The old mighty lite winches.........

    AKA...louis winch
  8. Gold folks

    Actually, Reed... that's not true. I have been learning from you for for more like 30 years
  9. Dredge question

    Im not sure of the pressure or volume of water that a jet ski would put out but in concept it should work. The ski output would have to go thru a venturi and operate like a dredge jet. I would be pretty certain you could build a 6" suction dredge and that would move a lot of sand in a hurry
  10. IS THIS GOLD ????!!

    First pic looks like pyrite due to the angular nature and color. Please post some better pics. Strong lighting and magnification
  11. Suggestions on small dredge

    You are correct that a 2.5" dredge will work about as fast as a shovel. However, it is significantly more enjoyable to run a nozzle than a shovel
  12. Suggestions on small dredge

    If you are always working less than 3' deep the forget the floating dredge. Get a high banker with a dredge attachment and shovel on
  13. Miller Table

    Russ, I was there at the DEF rally and yes, that is the one I am talking about. It was big, about 2'x4' and Grivy was using it a lot.
  14. Miller Table

    I tried that but couldn't find what I was looking for
  15. Miller Table

    That's a shaker table, not what I'm looking for