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  • Hi Bill,
    I honestly would recommend the excal for your water hunting, heck, it kicks butt in the salt water and lakes as well.. Its easy to learn, I wouldnt use any other machine then the excal for water hunting.
    Get one and have a blast with it.

    hi..i need your help ....its been awhile since i last spoke to you....i want to water hunt and althogh i live approx 2 hrs from the ocean i feel i can now find more there vs the lakes in my area.i have read that the xcal2 technology is better for salt water than the cz21...i can only buy one and can you please give me your opinion as to which you think is better...i have also spoke to sandman and i remember he giving me your name....thanks again and all the best...billb
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Simplex Metal Detector

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